After Your Honeymoon – 5 Fun Things You Need to Do

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You’ve exchanged vows, eaten cake, danced till midnight, and rang the wedding bells. Now that the “I do’s” are over you probably have a long list of post-wedding activities: change your name, sort out finances and tax information, send thank you cards. And although those things are top priorities, they can be a little tedious and boring. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 things to do after the honeymoon that are a little more exciting than filling out paperwork.

After Your Honeymoon Consider Doing These 5 Fun Activities Together

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Make a Wedding Album

By the time you get back from your honeymoon, you’ll have lots of photos to look through. Guests will send you pictures and you’ll have all your gorgeous professional photos to look over. After your honeymoon, take time to sit down with your spouse and find the photos you like best to preserve in a wedding album. Even if you plan to have your photographer make your album, this is something you need to do. For a typical 30 – 40 page wedding album you will need to pick out aproximatly 75-150 images. Make sure these images get edited by your photographer. Not only will looking through the photos give you a chance to see the moments you missed, but you’ll get to create your wedding day story by designing a wedding album that you can flip through for years to come.

Get Some Much Needed R&R

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Wedding planning is a huge task and can really zap a couple’s energy. Even a honeymoon can end up being an endless list of activities and going from here to there without much rest in between. Whenever you find yourself back at home, whether it’s after your wedding or the honeymoon, find some time to just sit back and relax. Schedule a couple’s massage, sneak in a nap, or end the day with your spouse and a glass of wine. Even carving out little pockets of rest time will come as a big sigh of relief.

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Preserve Your Gown

After your honeymoon preserving your wedding gown is a must do! You have a few options when it comes to preserving your dress.

  • You can have it preserved as is by taking it to a specialist who can clean up spots and stains and package it for you to keep in a safe spot at home (ideally, the closet and away from humidity, water, heat, and cold).
  • You can have it altered so that you can wear it in a different way (I.e. cocktail dress).
  • You can donate your gown to a charity like Brides Against Breast Cancer or put it up for sale.

If you do keep your gown as is, consider wearing it on your one-year anniversary and drink some bubbly with your spouse to celebrate.

Go Shopping

Chances are you received money and/or gift cards from friends and family, so after the honeymoon is the perfect time to purchase gifts from your registry that you didn’t receive, especially if you’re missing items from a set. Bridal Guide notes that, “…even though most stores offer couples discounts on items that remain on their registry after the big day, the offer is often only good for 30 to 60 days after your wedding.” So get shopping!

Shop for wedding registry items you did not receive as gifts for your wedding.

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De-clutter Wedding Décor

If all those centerpieces, Mason jars, and yards of tulle are taking up space and collecting dust, it’s time to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Sell the items online through eBay, Craigslist, wedding forums, or Facebook; host a garage sale; reuse them in your home, pass on to a friend or donate to a local charity, church, or second-hand store. Cleaning up the wedding clutter will make you feel organized and it’s nice to know you might really be helping someone out by passing along.

So after your honeymoon be sure to add these activities to your post-wedding to-do list and don’t forget to have fun while you check them off!


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  1. All tips are greatly appreciated. Making a wedding album seems to be the best idea for me. As your photographs are only one thing which is left over after every other things have been packed up.

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