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It’s no secret that everyone wants to look good in pictures. How to pose for wedding photos can be down right intimating! Even the most self-confident, beautiful people want to know that the image they portray in their photos is the best one possible, celebrities and models included. The thing is, any bride can be photogenic if she knows how to pose for wedding photos.

With your wedding day approaching, you know there will be tons of photos snapped, but don’t sweat it. With a few simple tricks you’ll look your absolute best in every picture taken, whether it’s by a professional or not-so-professional family member. Here’s what you need to know to look thin, beautiful, and glowing in your wedding photos.

12 Tips on How to Pose for Wedding Photos

Practice in the Mirror

Even though the image you see in the mirror won’t be perfectly portrayed in a photo, it’s good practice to study your reflected self. Smile, pose, and find the angles that work best for you. When in comes time to pose for wedding photos, it will come more naturally for you.

Create Distance

Corey Balazowich of Corey Ann Photography advises brides to mind the lens. “Try not to allow one part of your body to be closer to the lens because it will make that part appear larger than the rest of your body.” It’s a basic rule that whatever is closest to the camera will look larger than what it really is.

Lengthen Your Neck

To avoid a double chin, drop your shoulders and raise your chin a little or put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you smile. To elongate your neck, envision the top of your head being pulled up by a string. This will also cause you to stick out your chin, which will result in an overall thinner looking face.

Angle Your Body

To look thinner, avoid facing the camera head on. Instead, angle your shoulder to the camera, keep your weight on the back foot, and place your other foot in front so as to create a “T” shape. You can also pop your hip towards the camera and place your hands on your hips, which ensures your arms don’t lay flat against your torso, making your hips and arms look wider.


How to pose for wedding photos
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Pose Your Legs

Just like with your body, to get thin looking legs in photos you’ll want to angle them. Kat Williams of Rock ‘n Roll Bride says, “Weirdly, with legs, positions that feel a bit unnatural or uncomfortable look really great in photographs!” When it comes to legs it’s all about shifting your balance, so point your toes, bend your knees, or do a little criss-cross action

How to look skinny in your wedding photos

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Dress Appropriately

Obviously you’ll be wearing a wedding dress, which you no doubt look great in, but be mindful of your undergarments and shoes. Shapewear works wonders for slimming the body and taking care of any lumpy bits. Wearing comfortable shoes will ensure a relaxed, comfortable face and body. If your six inch heels are causing you pain, that pain will translate to your face and might even cause you to stiffen your body.

Sit Tall

The last thing you want is to see a picture of yourself hunched over. Sit tall, just as you would stand tall, with your shoulders down and chin out. And cross your ankles for slimmer looking thighs and ankles.

Gorgeous wedding photo pose
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Create Soft Angles

Something as simple as your hairstyle can create harsh angles and cause your face and torso to look larger. Leaving your hair down is a safe bet, and slightly looser braids, buns, and ponytails will make your neck look longer.

No Low Shots

The surest way to add 10 pounds to your image is by having photos taken from below. Professional wedding photographers generally know this, but friends and family might not, so make sure they keep the camera at eye level or higher.

Posing for wedding photos

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Use Objects to Your Advantage

Flowers, a purse, a jacket, whatever you might be holding can work to your advantage by hiding some of those less-than-loved spots. Hold the object in front of your trouble spot to mask it. Props also give your hands something to do, ensuring you don’t get the dreaded stiff hand look.

Get Glowing

Of course you’ll have that natural blushing bride glow, but adding a bit of bronzer or a fake tan can elongate and slim your body. Avoid bronzers or lotion with shimmer in them as they may look good in the mirror but they tend not work well with the camera. As far as fake tans, just make sure you test your self-tanner before the big day. Orange is not a good look on anyone!

Hydrate & Eat Well

Drinking lots of wanter the week or two before the wedding will help release toxins from your body and keep your skin clear and fresh looking. Stay away from salty prepared package foods and opt for fresh fruits, veggies and proteins for a balanced diet.

Even with all of these tips and tricks on how to pose for wedding photos, you must, above all, have fun and be yourself. Don’t get hung up on the parts of yourself you dislike. Instead, celebrate the parts you love and use these tips to accentuate them. Work with your photographer and let him or her know what your best assets are and what you’d rather hide. A professional will know how to make you look your best.


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