Parent Albums – Why They Make The Perfect Gift

How to make a custom parent wedding album

Lookin for a special way to thank your parents and inlays after your wedding? A parent wedding album is the perfect gift!  Like you, they will want to revisit your wedding memories, and you know they’ll take it out every time friends visit (if they don’t already have it on the coffee table!).


Parents will love a copy of your wedding album as a gift.


So what exactly is a parent wedding album? It can be an exact replica of your own wedding album (same size and cover material) or you can get creative and design a parent wedding album that is unique to each set of parents. Whichever you choose, it makes for a personal and meaningful gift that each parent will cherish.

If you do want to design your own, consider these tips.

Designing A Parent Wedding Album

Will you and your significant other design one album together (to give to each set of parents) or will you each create your own to give separately?

The wonderful thing about creating separate albums is that each will have a different look and tone, ones that are unique to both sets of parents. They will feel extra special receiving a gift that was designed just for them.

But whichever way you choose, you can start the design process by thinking about which photos to include. Ideally, you’ll want to include a mix of couple/individual portraits and group shots. You can make a few stacks to help you decide which photos to choose. Look through your photos and pick out the ones you know your parents will love, ones you know they can do without, and the ones you aren’t sure about.

If you’ve found that your “not sure about” stack is larger than your “for sure” group, take your time looking through them. You know your parents best, so with a little time you’ll be able to find the photos they’ll enjoy seeing most.


Parent albums make the perfect thank you gifts for parents of the bride & groom.


As a little something extra, consider including a thank you page at the beginning of the parent wedding album. A thank you message should convey your gratitude for the parents’ love and support and can be short and sweet or a full page. A special thank you message is sure to bring a tear to their eye and a gift they will never forget.

Thank You Message Examples



Parent wedding album ideas


As you can see, a parent wedding album is a heartfelt gift, a keepsake that you and your significant other’s parents will look to year after year. It’s the kind of gift that makes memories last and you won’t regret creating one. Please visit our Wedding Album page to learn more about options before you start your design. You can also hire one of our professional design consultants to create your parent albums for you.


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  1. I made parents albums for both our parents as a gift for the holidays. I customized a thank you page for each album and they turn out great! Can’t wait to give them! xxx Thank you MBP!!!!

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