How to Make a Second Wedding Special Without Breaking the Bank

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Second Wedding Ideas

A second wedding can actually be really fun to plan. If you find yourself planning a second walk down the aisle, you may be wondering if there is any way to make your “I do, take two,” a special and unique celebration. After all, you don’t want a repeat of your first wedding. You also might not want to break the bank trying to plan a second wedding that is both meaningful and personal.

One thing to remember is that you don’t have to treat your second wedding as a go-to-the-courthouse-and-get-it-over-with moment. Just because you have “been there, done that” doesn’t mean your current relationship is less meaningful and doesn’t deserve a sacred celebration. In fact, it might be more meaningful since you’ve grown in wisdom and have a firmer knowledge on what you do and do not want.

So how can you make a second wedding special without spending lots of money and worrying about how things “should be”? Read on for our top tips.


One way to plan an affordable second wedding is to choose a venue that doesn’t need a lot of decorating help. Perhaps it’s already beautifully decorated or the architecture and aesthetic stands on its own. Consider historical buildings, garden areas, wedding chapels, or incorporate a few meaningful decorations at your courthouse or backyard wedding.


As a second time bride you may want to flee the fuss of wedding dress shopping. We don’t blame you as this is a big ticket item to save money on. Life’s too short to spend precious hours fretting over if your are too old or what you “can” and “can’t” wear or if you should skip the strapless number.

We say, don’t worry too much about finding “the one” that will transform you, because ultimately, you can transform the dress. Find a gown that feels good both physically and mentally and you will be glowing no matter what!

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Look for dresses that highlight your favorite features and that you enjoy wearing. If you’re comfortable and confident, it doesn’t matter if your dress is a princess ball gown or a chic sheath. Or even a pant suit! There are no rules except the ones that you make.

Guests and Invitations

Whereas your first wedding may have been all about satisfying other people’s expectations, your second wedding is the perfect opportunity to satisfy yours. If you don’t want to invite your co-workers or everyone from your mom’s book club, don’t.

Keep it intimate and send out practical invites to your nearest and dearest. No one will stone you if you send out digital. Treat your wedding like a VIP party and your invites like the velvet rope.

You may have spent your fair share of money accommodating your family and friend’s guest lists the first time around, so why spend unnecessary cash on the extraneous the second time? Your second wedding will feel much more meaningful if you only include those who are close to your heart.

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Getting Ready

Instead of calling on a bridal party to help you get dressed before the ceremony, consider getting ready with your fiance and relishing in the quiet of your special moment together.


As a second-time bride, you and/or your fiance may have kids or even grown kids that you include in your second wedding. Get them engaged by giving them special duties as bridesmaids, carrying the rings, helping plan the wedding, or participate in a special reading during your ceremony. Having  your kids involved in your second wedding is a great way to include your kids and move forward together as a family.

Special Splurges

Splurge on things that hold meaning, pretty things even – flowers, food, paper invites and especially photography. A great place for find a photographer for a second wedding is My Bridal Pix. We have a photography job posting board as well a searchable photographer directory to make it easy and affordable to find the perfect photographer.

The number one thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to plan a second wedding. You can respect other people’s opinions, listen to their advice, but ultimately, do it your way. Your first wedding may have been all about pleasing everyone else and you might have felt like many things were out of control. Your second wedding offers you and your partner the chance to take charge, to be the bosses of your party. Seize the opportunity to do so!


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