7 Unique Wedding Rings for the Bride and Groom

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With all of the artists and craftsmen selling their precious goods online these days, a couple shopping for unique wedding rings doesn’t have to opt for whatever is at the local jewelry store anymore.

Although traditional wedding bands are stunning, there are some pretty unique wedding rings for both bride and groom that are worth taking a look at.

Here we have 7 unique wedding rings for brides and grooms. Some are matching, some work as his and hers, and some feature creative details that you’ll adore wearing day in and day out. Most importantly, each ring holds something special within it, something that will mean the world to you as a couple.

Fingerprint Wedding Rings 

Fingerprint Wedding Bands
Rock My World Inc.

Fingerprint rings take personal to a whole new level. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding ring that truly expresses who you are as individuals and as a couple, the fingerprint band might be for you. Artisans take your actual prints and emboss them on or around the ring band. The rings above are also designed with a heart that sits neatly between the prints.

Initial or Symbol Matching Wedding Rings

Initial Matching Wedding Bands
CADI Jewelry

Another way to express your individuality, as well as your union, is to wear initial or symbol- matching wedding bands. These bands are designed with parts of your initials or a symbol, like a heart, on each ring, and when connected, create the whole picture.

Hidden Message Wedding Rings

Hidden Message Wedding Band
Soremi Jewellry

For some couples, less is more, making the subtle secret message wedding band a perfect fit. Each band is hand-stamped with the message of your choosing, anything from “I love you,” to something funny like, “You’re stuck with me.” When you wear these rings, only you and your significant other will know what’s hidden inside, and that’s half the fun!

Sound Wave Wedding Rings

Sound Wave Wedding Band
Precious Lace Jewelry

Want to put your secret message on display? It will still be a secret when you code it into a sound wave. The makers of these unique wedding bands take your pre-recorded message and turn it into an image of the message’s sound wave.

Musical Notes Wedding Rings

Musical Note Wedding Band
Rickson Jewellry

An alternative to the sound wave wedding band is the ring that features the actual notes of your chosen song, as well as lyrics from the song printed on the inside of the band. Turn your first dance music into a wedding band and hold that memory in your hands forever.

Maps of the World Wedding Rings

World Map Wedding Band
Jewelry Escorial

The wanderlust couple will love wedding bands comprised of stacking maps. Have a gem placed on the part of the world you live in or on a place you both dream of going.

Pressed Flowers Wedding Rings

Resin Flower Wedding Bands

These resin rings may be far less expensive than traditional wedding bands, but they’re no less beautiful. Each ring holds nature’s beauty with flowers, plants, roots, leaves, moss, gold flakes, etc. pressed inside the band. The natural elements and eco-friendly resin make these wedding rings perfect for nature lovers.

Your wedding ring may be the one piece of jewelry that you cherish and have forever. You’ll wear it everyday, so make sure you love it and that it fits properly. Just like a wedding dress, don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy the first one you fall in love with. Take your time, pour over all the creative and beautiful choices, and then purchase the one that makes your heart sing.


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