Wedding Hair and Makeup That Will Last the Whole Day

Every bride wants to look their best all through their wedding day, and with a little prep you can make sure your wedding hair and makeup looks amazing throughout the entire day. There’s plenty to organize, but spending a little time coming up with an action plan will really take the pressure off come the big day. This will also allow you to relax knowing that you look your personal best for your wedding photos. With that in mind, let’s check out some top tips to ensure that your wedding hair and makeup looks great for the whole of your big day.

Prepare your face

Before you start thinking about how to apply your makeup, you have to make sure your face is prepped. That means cleansing it of all dirt and residue, and moisturizing to make sure it’s hydrated. If your skin is not clean it won’t hold the makeup very well, and by moisturizing you’ll help prevent it from drying on your skin. The combo of cleansing and moisturizing assists with blending the makeup too, and is going to make the effects last longer. On your wedding day, select a moisturizer without SPF’s. The problem is that sunscreens can cause a flash back in flash photography. The end result is you end up looking like someone hit you in the face with a powder puff. So to avoid the zombie look in your wedding photos, skip the SPF.

Don’t shampoo

As much as you want to be clean and shiny for your big day, shampooing on the morning can be a bit of a no-no. If you do, you run the risk of leaving the hair too soft to hold its style, and there’s the potential for it to go a little flat. Instead you can wash it in advance and even use a dry shampoo, left in overnight, to promote a little extra volume. If you’re worried about it looking dull and would like to know how to get shiny hair, you’ll find more tips here.

Avoid overheating

This one seems like a standard hair care tip but on your wedding day be really careful with heat styling. If you’re going to use straighteners make sure you use a heat protective spray. If you want to go curly or wavy, consider using leave-in curlers rather than curling irons. The old school curlers will set your hair better than tongs anyway and they’ll last for a lot longer.

Luscious lips and long eyelashes

You’ve got your foundation on (waterproof of course) and everything else is done, so it’s just the lips and lashes to go. Firstly your lashes: go for waterproof mascara and curl them. Do that and your makeup is less likely to run when the inevitable happy tears kick in. A top tip for your wedding lips is to go with a lip stain; it won’t come off even when you get to the kissing part. Layer it with a sheer gloss and pucker up!

                                                                  Photo By: Kwame Lawson via My Bridal Pix

Take your time

The last thing you want to do is rush through your wedding hair and makeup, so make sure you give yourself at least a couple of hours. Take your time and you’ve got much more chance of your look lasting for the day. One way of getting the best results is to do some research and get organized. We’ve already looked at how to get shiny hair and there are plenty of other top tips to learn, including avoiding using any makeup that could clump, or moisturizers that can cause a flash back. Also be sure to go easy with the hairspray so you don’t look to stiff…you want to appear clean fresh and natural as possible. Our best advice is to hold a makeup rehearsal day with your bridal party. You can even invite over a makeup artist to give tips to your bridal party before the big day.

These simple tips will help you maintain your dream wedding hair and makeup all day. Start researching to find out what works for you, make a plan and enjoy looking great throughout your wedding day!


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