Drone Wedding Photography : A Quick Guide

Drone wedding photography examples

Photo via Perfect Wedding Dresses

Brides and grooms are taking their wedding photography to a whole new level, literally, with drone wedding photography. The use of drones to capture wedding photos and videos first took off in 2013 with early adopters who wanted to try something new. Two years later, it’s become much more well known and couples are lining up to get the unique aerial shots a photography drone can produce.

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How Many Hours Do I Need A Wedding Photographer?

How many hours do I need to hire a wedding photographer? We've got you covered with these simple tips!

Many brides find themselves asking, “How many hours do I need a wedding photographer? It’s with good reason, as every hour counts and professional wedding photographs do not come cheap. Wedding photographer coverage and how many hours you will need, differ for every situation. It really depends upon the size of your wedding and what you want to accomplish with your wedding photos. Some couples only need for a few hours while others really value even moment being captured. Others may need their photographer for multiple days. Indian weddings are famous for multi day coverage, and if you are planning a destination wedding, you may want to have them stick around for a trash the dress the next day or a rehearsal dinner party the night before. Photographers will often offer you packages with typical scenarios based on their experience but don’t be afraid to ask for special requests.

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Budget Wedding Ideas For Smart Brides

Looking for the perfect wedding budget tips? Try these...

Budget Wedding Ideas

If you’ve recently gotten engaged and started planning your wedding you probably already know the costs add up fast. In fact, the average American wedding can end up somewhere between the $19,000 to $32,000 range. That’s a lot of cash for people just starting their lives together! But a dream wedding doesn’t have to be chucked out the window just because your bank account isn’t as fat as you’d like it to be. Planning a wedding on a budget is actually a great thing because it allows you to get creative and put together a wedding day that is both personal and unique. Read on for a list of tips to help you cut costs and plan a wedding that won’t have you broke before you say I do.

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Bridal Boudoir Photography Tips

Tips on how to make the most of your bridal boudoir photography shoot!


Bridal boudoir photography has become a popular gift idea for brides-to-be. It’s a great reason to get dolled up in pretty makeup and lingerie and model in front of the camera. It’s also a fun way to preserve that special moment in a bride’s life and a way to capture the beauty that radiates from a woman when she feels sexy. Brides who have boudoir photos taken can then build an album and give it as a surprise gift to the groom on the wedding day. It also makes a great Valentine’s Day or birthday gift. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and posing in front of the camera, here are some bridal boudoir photography basics to help you get ready for one of the most enriching experiences of your life.

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Engagement Photo Session – How to Plan What to Wear


Tips on what to wear for your engagement photo session.
These days, the engagement photo session is just as important as the wedding day photos! They serve as a reminder of those special days before wedded bliss and will be cherished just as much as the photos you’ll put in your wedding album. You might even use them on invitations and save-the-dates. Needless to say, how you and your fiance dress for your engagement photo session plays a big part in the outcome of your images.

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Bachelorette Party Ideas : 5 Totally Unique Ideas

Ideas for bachelorette party


Looking for some alternative bachelorette party ideas that are not your typical, go out and get plastered, only to hate yourselves the next day?  The days of typical bachelorette party (think tacky genital-shaped straws, bar hopping, and firemen strippers) have been tossed to the wayside thanks to a new generation of women who find far more pleasure in spending their last fling without a  next-day hangover. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a night of loud music and hunky dudes, but if the bride-to-be would rather spend some quality time with the girls outside of the club, this list of 5 alternative bachelorette party ideas might be just for her.

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Wedding Photos – 8 Simple Tips That Teach You How To Pose

You’ve dedicated a chunk of your budget to a professional wedding photographer, so you’ll no doubt want to get the best wedding photos possible. Although the photographer does most of the work of making you and your family/guests look great, there are some things that you can do to help ensure your wedding photos look as pretty as you do.

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