How to Get Your Groom To Help With Wedding Planning

Wedding planning tips to get your groom involved

Fantastic tips on how to get your groom more involved in your wedding planning. It’s his wedding too, so have fun planning it together!

Wedding planning is always stressful. But it’s worse when groom isn’t helping. Truth is he doesn’t know where to start!  Some gentle guidance on your part will help him feel more involved and most likely happy to help you.  Here are eight simple and fun things to engage your groom, reduce stress, and help you get started.

Tips on planning a wedding with groom


Here are some tips to get your groom more involved with your wedding planning. 

  • Generate the guest list together. This is one of the easiest and most fun activities to start with. Think of your common friends together and make it into a competition to see who has more to invite.

  • Practice your first dane together. Pick out a private romantic spot, pack a picnic lunch, download your wedding song and take this quiet moment to get comfortable with your first dance moves.

Wedding sign DIY projectPhoto by Sooz . on Unsplash

  • Get handy or crafty together. Create something special. It could be as simple as a hand-painted “Just Married” sign or as elaborate as an ornate chuppah. Even just cutting the photo booth beard props out of printing paper will work.

Wedding guest book for your reception

10×10 Layfalt Album with Champagne Shimmer Linen Cover

  • Make a wedding guest book together. Hire a professional photographer or have a good friend with a good eye for photography do an engagement photo shoot for you. Use the images to put together a guest book that that tells your story and you can display at your wedding reception for your guests to leave you all their wonderful well wishes. It makes for a wonderful keepsake years down the road.  My Bridal Pix has many free templates you can choose from to create a professional looking guest book in minutes. 

Succulent wedding favors to DIY

  • Pick wedding favors together. Wedding favors should be the cherry on top of a fabulous reception. Get together with your groom and brainstorm some little things that spark joy for both of you. No matter is too small: snacks, pretty stationery, a cute succulent plant, or a pair of sunglasses branded with your initials and wedding date will all show appreciation to your guests.

honeymoon in mexico

  • Pick a honeymoon destination together. Everyone has a dream honeymoon. So, communicate your dreams out loud together and figure out the best place both of you want to be.

Picking out your household items together

  • Pick household items together. Your household items will be shared together for decades to come, and he should be involved. Shop online and pick out some cool kitchen gadgets or the most luxurious bed sheets and towels together.

Helping your groom pick out his suitPhoto by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash

  • Get prettier together. If everything else fails, at least you can pretty yourselves up together. Ask him to try some anti aging kit with you a few months in advance so that he can look his best on the wedding day. Then you can work on styling his wedding-day look. Pick out his suit, tie, pocket square, boutonnière and socks together. Accessories make all the difference!

Make the process into a fun competition—the winner gets the remote control tonight! These things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding planning, but they’ll help you both get started.


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