Fun Wedding Ideas to Thrill You & Your Guests

Weddings are a great way to bring family and friends together for an exciting party to celebrate your love for each other.  There are so many ways to add fun details to your wedding that will thrill your guests and create lasting memories for all!


Here are some fun wedding ideas to consider to create great photo opportunities, and to wow your guests.

Fun Wedding Ideas to Consider

Post ceremony grand exit

Forget running through a rice shower and make a unique exit. Give your guests sparklers or glow sticks to wave or confetti and beach balls to throw. Anything with color and light will cause excitement and make for some great photo ops. You could also surprise guests with a fireworks display, lover’s duet, or have a live band play you out. Now is the time to get the party started.

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Pass out funky favors

Encourage guests to let loose with fun wedding favors like masks, noisemakers (maracas, kazoos, whistles), and silly string. Invite them to wear their masks on the dance floor or silly string the kiddos. Imagine the photos!

It’s all about the music

Let’s face it – music can create or destroy an event. Sure, you and your fiance may love 90’s rock, but is that what everyone else wants to party to? When putting together your playlist, keep the guests in mind. Play fun wedding songs that people like to dance to. Think classic artists like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The B-52’s, and modern hits from Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and LMFAO.

There’s also the option of a live band. Hire a cover band that can play the favorites or spice things up with a salsa or funky jazz group.

When you’ve got great music the dancefloor will be hopping and the photographer will be able to capture some great candid shots for your wedding album.

A first dance to remember

Shake up guests’ expectations by starting your first dance with a slow song, then breaking out with something fast and catchy. Even better if you and your fiance have it choreographed and the family joins in. Imagine Grandpa boogieing beside you and Mom. That’s a first dance to remember!


 Set up a photo booth

Photo booths make for great entertainment for all ages. With just a few simple props and a tripod, you can create some really memorable images from your wedding.  For some creative ideas on how to set up your own photo booth be sure to read our post on creating your own DIY photo booth.

Unique entertainment

There’s nothing like a dance troupe or mariachi band to get the party started. Have belly dancers put on a show at the beginning of the reception – they might even invite a few unsuspecting guests to dance with them! Pass out leis and grass skirts for a hula competition. Or just have guests sit back and enjoy some live entertainment.

Fun activities

You could also offer fun activities throughout the reception, like an outdoor game space with lawn games, a pinata, a scavenger photo hunt, photo booth, or something more relaxed like a wedding crossword puzzle.

 R&R spot

Offer a relaxation space for guests who aren’t dancing by creating a lounge area. Set up cozy couches, chairs, and tables accented with some candles to create atmosphere so guests can eat, drink, and mingle.

 Get artsy

Add drama to your venue by projecting patterns onto the walls and dance floor. Lighting companies can do just about anything, from beaming colorful shapes onto drab walls to projecting disco lights underneath dancers’ feet.

 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

 A wedding only last a few hours, but the memories last a lifetime. You’ll definitely want to capture them in your photos so you can look back at them in a few years and relive the celebration.

 Petal drop

Imagine the marriage officiant saying, “You may now kiss the bride,” and rose petals falling from the sky. Now that’s a beautiful picture! Alternatively, you could have guests throw flower petals or confetti as you walk down the aisle.

Involve the kids

Kids always seem to steal the show, don’t they? Take advantage of their cuteness by having them do a few posed shots – like watching the bride and groom kiss and covering their eyes – or showing off their best dance moves.

 Light painting

Light painting is a form of night photography where streaks of light show up in a still photo. With light painting you can create messages and shapes that really sparkle. Have guests spell out “love” or grab your sweetie and paint a heart around you both.

 Aerial shots

If you’re wedding guest list is on the smaller side, ask your photographer to get an aerial shot of everyone right after the ceremony. It gives you a unique perspective and makes for a fun photo.

Create a Book

After the wedding, collect your favorite photos then make your own photo book separate from your wedding album.  This book can be filled with all the images that you just could not fit into your album but you still want to showcase and remember. My Bridal Pix offers many free designer book making temples to create wedding photo books in a snap.  Simply drag and drop your images and design the book exactly how you want it. It’s a fun way to capture all the memories and you’ll love looking back on it for years to come.

We hope you are inspired with our fun wedding ideas. If you have some unique wedding ideas to share that gets the party started, be sure to leave a comment below!



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