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Traditional wedding photos are still lovely to look at and include in the wedding album, but recent years have proved that couples are moving towards more creative photojournalistic wedding photography. Candid shots that tell the story are the current trends that appeal most to brides and grooms. Real life images captured unposed, like the groom sneaking a glance at the bride for the first time, the maid of honor lacing up the bride’s gown or the emotional embrace a fathers gives his daughter, carry their own specialness. With the popularity of candid photography growing, wedding albums are getting a dash of fun and a whole lot of personality.

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The cliched poses and formal photos are becoming a thing of the past, as couples are craving more creative shots. Candid photojournalistic wedding photography is able to capture the true spirit of marriage, the emotion behind the moments, and the wedding story as a whole. A good creative photographer will pay close attention to all those little moments – the smiles, the tears, the unpredictable things that might not otherwise get photographed during a formal shoot.

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Traditional wedding albums are great for documenting who was at the wedding, where it took place, etc. Candid photography, on the other hand, adds life to the wedding album. The pictures reveal the moments shared between friends and family and give couples something to smile and laugh about for many years to come. Plus, the photographer might capture a moment the bride and groom in the blur of excitement of their wedding, didn’t even know happened, which makes the photo extra special.

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It’s the little moments that make photojournalistic wedding photography so special – the father of the bride kissing her cheek, the “alone time” moments between the bride and groom, the couple exiting the ceremony, the traditions and rituals. Even pre-wedding photography is becoming popular, as couples want to document all of the “behind the scenes” moments. Close-up photos of the bridal party helping the bride get dressed, the bride slipping on her shoes, the groom and his groomsmen knotting their ties – these kinds of pre-wedding photos really capture the story behind the fairytale.

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The world of wedding photography isn’t just about those pre-arranged posed images our parents carefully collected in their wedding album. The last thing a couple wants to look at is pages and pages of photos that show the family standing in a straight line with perfect posture. Those images have their time and place, but wedding photographers and couples alike want images that are more natural, more real, and that are fun to look at 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Friends and family will enjoy looking at them too!

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The best thing about creative, photojournalistic wedding photography is that it’s timeless. All those candid moments that you’ll collect in your wedding album will always be a delight to look at, despite whether the dress and shoes look dated. The truth is, real life never goes out of style!

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Making your own album allows you the time to truly personalize your wedding story and lay out your book exactly as you want it. My Bridal Pix offers hundreds of professional grade templates to choose from that make it easy to put your album together.

Wedding Photo BookIt’s a great post wedding project to do together as a couple and it makes for a wonderful gift for parents when you can personalize their parent album with a thank you page or tribute to them. It not only shows your appreciation for all that they have done for you, but it will melt their hearts every time they look at it.


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