5 Reasons You Need to Say “Yes” to a Wedding Album

The perfect way to display your wedding images.

There’s something special about looking at old photos and flipping through photo albums. It’s truly an enjoyable experience, even if the photos aren’t yours. I recently looked through a friend’s wedding album. I had so much fun seeing her and her husband’s circa 1970’s British wedding. I could tell she had just as much fun showing me and revisiting the photos. We laughed over the outfits and the mens stylish long hair.

The joy on her face confirmed to me the exact reason why I started My Bridal Pix in the first place. After the age of digital cameras, many brides would shy away from purchasing albums from photographers. They felt having the digital images was simply enough. Then there were those that simply could not afford the cost of a high end wedding album.  It was sad to think that those beautiful wedding memories would be tucked away on a computer hard drive or a disc, never to be seen or enjoyed at a moments notice.

Layflat wedding album with leather cover

As I child, one of my fondest memories was flipping through the pages of my parents wedding album. With all of the technology we have today, we forget the importance of  collecting photos and putting them into an album. We snap pictures, they go on a USB or get stored on a computer’s hard drive, or our phones.  Sure, it’s convenient, but what about the experience? What about passing down memories to children and grandchildren?

If you’re soon-to-be married or even married for a while and have digital wedding photos stored, I urge you to make your own wedding album. Here’s why.

 wedding album

 Memories Can Fade

Think about a significant event in your life. Do you remember it like it was yesterday? All the little details? Having a wedding album will help you preserve your wedding memories. The truth is, memories fade, and although you might remember a lot about your wedding today, you won’t retain all of it in years to come. Having your wedding images collected in an album will ensure that you always have something to look back on. With a wedding album, you’ll never forget your husband’s face during the first dance or the intricate details of your dress.

You’ll Want a Family Heirloom

Even if you don’t have kids now, think a few years into the future. In fact, think years into the future even if you don’t want kids. There will always be family members to pass the wedding album onto. Younger generations will hold it as a keepsake and adore seeing Mom and Dad in their early years. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing what kind of hairstyle and outfits family chose back in the day?

An Album is a Permanent Record 

USB’s, MP3’s, DVD’s – they’re all so easy to lose. They’re great as backups, but having a wedding album is permanent. Don’t take a risk by keeping the images on your hard drive or on discs that could potentially break or get misplaced. Anything can happen! At My Bridal Pix, your digital images and albums are stored in your account so your album can be reprinted at a moments notice.

Technology Changes

First there was VHS and cassette tapes. Then came DVDs, Bluerays, and compact discs. Now MP3s are taking over the world. What’s next? Technology is great, but eventually one thing goes out of style and another thing takes its place. Think about it, it’s nearly impossible to find a VHS player now. In fact, the new Apple Macs do not even have disc drives. The one thing that never goes out of style? Good old paper.


You Can Show it Off at a Moment Notice

You’ll want to show off the wedding photos and there will be family and friends who can’t wait to see them. Do you really want people hovering over the computer screen as you or they click through the photos?  A wedding album is a family heirloom that allows people to experience the event all over again. My Bridal Pix offers you free design software that makes it simple to put together a professional looking album. We also offer wedding album custom design service.

Having a professionally printed wedding album will mean more to you over time than you can ever imagine, especially if you plan on having children. Now that my parents have passed on, I cherish their wedding album more than ever. All those wonderful, warm memories of my Mom and I sitting together, with my little legs dangling off the couch dreaming about what my wedding would be like some day are simply priceless to me.

Making Memories Last,

Carol Sejd

Founder My Bridal Pix


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