Kids Wedding Activities that Keep Kids Entertained…and the Adults too!

Kids wedding activities can be a life saver to help keep little hands busy, during a long and tiresome day. For many couples there’s a long-standing debate on whether or not to invite kids to the wedding. On the one hand, they’re an extension of family and friends and lets face it, they look absolutely adorable dressed up. On the other hand, they’re kids and kids tend to get bored and fussy. It’s really a matter of what works best for you, but if you do decide to invite the little ones you’ll want to keep them just as happy and entertained as the other guests. Here are some ideas on kids wedding activities to keep the kiddos busy, which in turn, may just keep your guests entertained as well!

Kids Wedding Activities

Kids love being part of the action and helping out the grown ups. Help them feel important by giving them a “job” like handing out programs or helping guests to their seats. You could even do something fun like give each kid an “official press pass” for them to wear and a disposable camera to take pictures with. Tell them they’re wedding photographers and let them have fun and send them on their way with a list of things to photograph,  a little like a photography treasure hunt. We like this printable you can purchase from Etsy. They’ll keep busy and you’ll have some fun photos to look at too!

Fun kids wedding activitiesEtsy Shop – SpashOfSilver 

Let All The Kids Walk Down the Aisle

Photo Source: Calluna Events

Aside from the flower girl and ring bearer, you can wrangle a couple of kids to walk a sign down the aisle. The sign can say something like, “Here comes the bride,” or “Here comes your girl.” The sign bearers look super cute marching down the aisle and provide great photo opportunities.

Have a Kids Only Dance Competition

kids at wedding dance competition Photo credit:: Oh So Classy Events & Design

 If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about kids it’s that they love dancing. It doesn’t matter when or where, if they feel like busting a move, they will. A dance competition just for the kids is the perfect way to help them burn off some of that extra energy and provide some great photos for your wedding album. Not to mention all the laughs they’ll get from the other wedding goers. Even if you don’t make it into a competition, encourage the little ones to get out on the dance floor and boogie down with Grandma. The pictures will be priceless!

 A Special Table Just for Kids

Whether you have a few or many children at the wedding, setting up a special kids wedding activities table (or several) will work wonders for keeping them entertained – especially during speech times. Include table games to keep their little fingers busy like coloring pages, puzzles, and activity books and make sure they have plenty of markers, crayons, pencils, etc. to get artsy with. You can also hire a baby sitter or two or three, depending upon how many children are attending. This could be set up while the parents enjoy a spin on the dance floor.

Wedding treats just for the kidsPhoto credit: Unsplash

Special Goodie Bags Just for Them

Fill up goodie bags for each child and place them at their seats to keep them entertained during the reception. You can include things like, snacks, puzzles, small toys, bubbles, crayons, and activity books.

Photo credit Unsplash

Games & Crafts

If the weather’s nice, set up a few outdoor games and activities like Twister, hula hoop, Jenga, and maybe even some kites if the wind is cooperative. Weather not so good or want to keep entertainment inside? For the littler ones try a craft table and let the children create some wedding-themed crafts like cake decorating, making cards or DIY masks for a special kids only photo booth.

Kids wedding activitiesPhoto by wu yi on Unsplash

Kids Cave

Want to have a single space where all the kids can go and have fun? How about a kids cave? Fill it with beanbags, pillows, tables, and activities all ages can enjoy – from board games to Xbox to dress up props. It’ll also give the kids a chance to mingle.

Movie Room

What better way to help the kids wind down at the end of the day than with a movie room. Add pillows and cushions for the little ones to relax on, hand out mini bags of popcorn, and pop in the movie.

We hope our list of kids wedding activities has inspired you. Incorporate these tips and you’ll have a bunch of happy kids, smiling guests, and a collection of unforgettable photos! If you are already married, why not share with future brides in the comments below how you kept kids busy at your wedding.


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