Best Valentines Day Ideas For Him

Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Idea For Him!

When it Comes to the Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him…We’ve Got Ya Covered!

Have you started racking your brain yet for Valentine’s Day ideas for him? We get it, guys are just totally hard to shop for!  There is one gift that stands out from the crowd when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas for him. It’s literally a gift that will knock his socks off, drop his jaw and put a big smile on his face! WE PROMISE!  Forget the cuff links, the coffee mug, the shaving kit, and the personalized pen. This Valentine’s Day, give the love of your life something he’ll never forget. A Boudoir Book full of sexy little photos of Y-O-U!

Out of all the Valentine’s Day ideas for him, a Boudoir Photo Book is one of the most fun gifts to give. Not only will he be delightfully surprised when you hand him a gorgeous leather-bound book of seductive photos of you, you’ll enjoy the experience too! Who doesn’t love feeling like a supermodel? It’s one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for him because it’s romantic, sexy and it’s very personalized. Plus, a boudoir photo book is timeless, as you’ll both love flipping through the photos for years to come.

Boudoir Book - Layflat Album with a whit Eco-leather cover.

Tips on How to Get Started

So, how do you go about putting together a Boudoir Book for Valentine’s Day? It all starts with finding the perfect photographer – the one you feel most comfortable with. When it comes to boudoir photo shoots, it’s really best to find a photographer who specializes in boudoir. They know the set up, are trained in capturing the right angles in the right light and typically have the right personality to make you feel at ease. Be sure to ask questions, look at their style, and find out the details of what is included in their packages.

A perfect place to start your search for a boudoir photographer is at My Bridal Pix. The photography job board allows you to post a bid request for a photo shoot. Available photographers in the network will receive your bid request and bid on your job if interested. It’s a great way to find a photographer in your area that specializes in boudoir and to make value and experience comparisons. There is also a photographer directory that is searchable by specialty and zip code too.

Prep For Your Photo Shoot

After you’ve found your dream photographer, you’ll want to get yourself prepared (aka, getting dolled up!). Think about the look you’re going for. Vintage Pin up? Modern? More Marilyn or Bettie Page? You can check out our Boudoir Photography board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

The great thing about boudoir photography is that you can make it as smoldering or subdued as you want. Bare it all or just a little. The key is to keep it classy. Get your hair and makeup done and pick out a few outfits to take to the shoot. These can include bustiers, corsets, slinky dresses, thigh-high nylons, boots, heels, accessories, his favorite sports shirt or anything you want. The outfits provide even more Valentines Day ideas for him. After the shoot, you can always show them off in person by wearing them when you present your boudoir book to him! He’ll L-O-V-E it!

Valentines day ideas for him

On the day of the shoot, remember to relax and enjoy yourself. Your photographer can suggest poses, play music, and create the perfect setting to help capture the best photos. Photographers who specialize in boudoir photography have the knowledge and experience to make you feel relaxed and know how make you look your best. Women often say that they were a little apprehensive about having a boudoir photo shoot done, but in the end, it turned out to be one of the most exhilarating moments in their life.

Putting it All Together

Once the session is over your photographer will need a little time to edit and deliver your images. Know this time frame up front so you are not rushing at the last minute to put your boudoir book together. Boudoir photographers will book up fast for Valentines Day boudoir shoots so book your session in advance…allow yourself a good two months. You should be thinking a November/December photo shoot time frame for Valentines Day.

Some photographers will offer you packages with prints or boudoir books along with your edited images, while others do not offer these services. Please know that My Bridal Pix offers a free book making tool that makes it simple to layout a professional looking boudoir book in minutes with professionally designed boudoir book templates. This allows you toe make your book just the way you want it to. Incorporate some nice quotes or working to make it even more intimate. Be sure your photographer provides you will hi res edited images file sized to the book size you want. For example a 10×10 book will need images to be `0″ in height and for a double page spread ( landscape, they should b e 20″ wide. Make sure you have your print copyright from your photographer before you print your own book.  Need some boudoir book ideas and inspiration? Check out our tutorial for creating a boudoir photo book.

If you need assistance with boudoir book design, we can help you with that too. Our all female  design team can offer you full custom design or help answer questions if you just need some guidance. We are here to help! Feel free to email us at design@mybridalpix.com

Boudoir photo book for him on Valentines Day

When it comes to Valentines Day ideas for him, hands down, boudoir books are definitely where it is at. Just imagine his face when he opens the book and sees all the gorgeous glossy photos of you in next to nothing. Priceless! So don’t be so shy and call that boudoir photographer today!


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