Bridal Boudoir Photography Tips

Bridal boudoir photography has exploded over the past few years. It has created a whole new segment of photographers who specialize just in boudoir.  These photographer make it fun and easy to do a bridal boudoir incorporating stylized backdrops, hair and makeup and editing skills that will make you look your best! Bridal boudoir has now become one of the most popular gifts for brides to gift their groom on their wedding day.  Brides are thrilled to see the magic a boudoir photographer can create and it has grooms grinning ear to ear!

Boudoir book grooms gift

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t like the opportunity to feel like a model for a day. You get to buy some pretty lingerie, have your make up and hair done professionally, and all the attention is on you! The later part is what most brides are scared of. Posing in front of a camera can be a little daunting but we promise the experience of doing a boudoir shoot with a professional boudoir photographer will leave you exhilarated and giving you heaps of confidence once you see the finished images. It’s also a fun way to preserve that special moment in a bride’s life and a way to capture the beauty that radiates when she feels sexy. Brides who have boudoir photos taken can then build an album or make boxed prints and surprise their groom on their wedding day. Boudoir photography also makes a great Valentine’s Day or birthday gift for that partner who has everything. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and posing in front of the camera, here are some bridal boudoir photography basics to help you get ready for one of the most enriching experiences of your life.

What to Expect at Your Bridal Boudoir Photography Shoot

Many women have this fear of walking on to the set of a photo shoot and not knowing what to do. If you have your doubts and worries, just know that it’s all a lot more dramatic in your mind than it is in real life. The great thing about hiring a professional photographer, especially one that specializes in bridal boudoir photography, is that she’ll know exactly what to do and how to make you feel more comfortable.

If you’re a bit shy and not sure how to pose, your photographer will offer suggestions and pose your body just right. If you have pose ideas to share, don’t be afraid to let her know and see if she can help you make those ideas come to life. Tell her what you have in mind, perhaps a theme or a mood you want to set. She’ll be able to look at the surroundings and put together a photo shoot that is unique to you.

Depending on your photo package, hair and makeup may be included. If so, you can expect a professional hair and makeup artist to get you camera ready once you get to the photo studio. If an artist is not included in your photo package you can either hire an outside beautician or do your own hair and makeup. As you can see from the photo, it’s totally worth the investment to look your best!

Once your beauty session is over, you will be guided to a dressing room where you can look through outfits the studio already has on hand or unpack your own and decide on which one you want to start with. Oftentimes, the photographer can help you choose the perfect outfits and accessories to compliment the style you’re going for.

Bridal boudoir photography- pre wedding gift for the groom

Photo Credit: Via Pinterest

When you’re all prettied up and ready to go, the photographer will ease you into the session with some simple poses. Try to relax as much as possible as they will know exactly how to pose your body to get the best angles. Have the studio put on some music to get you in the modeling mood or bring your own playlist. Have an idea before you go what type of music you want to listen to while posing and it does’ hurt to practice some poses at home before your shoot. Some studios may offer you champagne but be careful not to over indulge as it may make you tired on an empty stomach.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas

Picking out your boudoir outfits will be the most fun but it can also be the most challenging part. Challenging because it will be hard to only pick a few! Most photographers will limit you to 1 to 3 outfit changes. This will be most likely be based on the package you choose Here are some of our favorite boudoir shoot ideas to consider.

  • Light colored lingerie and soft white backgrounds create a soft dreamy look. Use fresh flowers for a bridal look.

Bridal Boudoir Photography Tips

  • Sometimes all you need is a pair of heels. This is the time to show them off! 

White bridal boudoir photography ideas

Photo Credit: Studio Carre

  • A matching pair of bra and panties is simple, sweet, and sexy. Soft white tule makes a perfect body wrap. 

Boudoir Photography Tips for Brides

  • Slip on one of his favorite work shirts for a little touch of silly.

Tips for an awesome bridal boudoir photo shoot for the groom

Photo Credit: Lavish By Aimee Campbell

  • He will be grinning ear to ear when he sees you in his favorite team jersey.

Boudoir bridal photo shoot featuring your guys favorite jersey

Photo Credit: Ps Photography

  • Sometimes less is more. The natural light from a north facing window always offers soft beautiful lighting. 

Boudoir photo shoot ideas

What To Do With Your Boudoir Photos.

My Bridal Pix has several offerings to make the most of your bridal boudoir photos.  You went to a lot of trouble to set up your boudoir photo shoot so that last thing you want is to do is bury your images away on a computer hard-drive. It’s time to show them off!

The following are all “groom approved” and guaranteed to rock his world.

  • Make a Boudoir Book – this is by far the most poplar choice to gift your groom. My Bridal Pix offers free software to layout your album with easy to use designer boudoir templates. No photoshop skills necessary to create a beautiful book in minutes. 5 to 7 business day turnaround + shipping.

Layflat album with black eco leather cover with 14pt Serif font- bottom corner.

Gift your groom a gorgeous boudoir book

Layflat albums featuring black eco leather cover with foil stamp XOXO in 96pt serif font and champagne shimmer linen cover. Leather, Eco leather and linen can all be foil stamped.

Boudoir Book With Photo Wrap Cover in Mate Finish

Layflat album with photo wrap cover with matte finish. Personalize the front and back of your cover jut the way you want. Add images, text, background colors for complete creative freedom. 

  • Keep your images safely tucked away on a Personalized USB Port featuring your image and a message. 3 to 4 business day turnaround + shipping.

Custom USB

  • Make a Gallery Stand featuring your favorite image for his night stand. Choose from 5×7 and 8×10 pre -framed metallic print with easel backing. No need to buy a frame! Simply choose gallery stands under the keepsakes collection, upload your image and you will have this beautiful modern looking pre-framed print ready to print in seconds. 6 to 8 business day turnaround + shipping.

Boudoir gallery stand

  • Make Prints and present them in a personalized Presentation Box featuring your image. Prints are 1-2 business day turnaround + shipping and presentation boxes are 3-4 business days + shipping.

Canas print for boudoir

How to Make a Bridal Boudoir Album for Your Groom

Once you’ve received your edited images from your photographer, choose your favorites and make sure you have the high resolution images. Also make sure the image file is sized to the book size you want to make. For instance a 10×10 book will require your images to be saved at 10″ high and 20″ wide if you want any panoramic 2 pages spreads in your book. My Bridal Pix’s software is super easy to use and you have the choice to make your own layouts or use boudoir book templates. You can even have your book cover foil stammped with a sweet message like “To My Husband”, “For your eyes only”, “See you at the alter.” My Bridal Pix also has female designers on hand to answer any questions you may have about the process or to design your album for you.  To get started read our boudoir photo book tutorial to get all the tips and instructions on how to make a gift you and your groom will love. We promise it’s gonna leave him speechless!

A Boudoir Book makes the perfect gift for an unsuspecting groom.


If you are searching for a bridal boudoir photographer near you, you can begin your search right her on My Bridal Pix. We have many photographers listed in our Photographer Directory that include bridal boudoir photography as part of their photography services. You can also post a job to our Photography Job Board and interested photographers will bid on your posted job. Your contact information is private until you are ready to share.


The best advise we can leave you with is to give yourself enough time. Weddings are stressful enough so make sure to give yourself enough time before your wedding ( 2-3 months) to do your photo shoot so you are not biting your nails waiting for your photographer to get your edited images back to you. Too many brides leave this to the last minute and it’s super stressful when your groom gift is being shipped to you just days before your wedding. Also, always ask your photographer for high resolution images sized to the largest item you are looking to make.

Searching for a Boudoir Photographer?

If you are searching for a bridal boudoir photographer near you, you can begin your search right her on My Bridal Pix. We have many photographers listed in our Photographer Directory that include bridal boudoir photography as part of their photography services. You can also post a job to our Photography Job Board and interested photographers will bid on your posted job. Your contact information is private until you are ready to share.

Now that you have all the inspiration and resources you need, book your boudoir photographer, create your boudoir album, prints, canvas wall art and get ready to see the huge smile on your sweetie’s face.  It will be a gift he will never forget! Have fun!


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