DIY Wedding Photo Booth

With the current selfie obsession running rampant across the world, it’s no wonder wedding photo booths have taken off. Everyone loves taking pictures of themselves! Photo booth photos are a great addition to the more professional, polished photos that will be taken at the wedding. They’re a fun and creative way to capture candid moments with friends and family and they’re perfect for keeping guests entertained. More and more couples are opting to add a photo booth to their reception, either by renting a professional setup or creating a DIY wedding photo booth themselves. And that’s what we’re talking about today – setting up a DIY wedding photo booth! It’s affordable, fun, and has a personal touch.

DIY Wedding Photo BoothPhoto Source: Iconic Moments

DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas and Tips

When setting up your photo booth, remember the details. Give yourself at least 6 feet of space between the camera and subjects and pick a location that’s out of the way, like a corner of the room or an unused hallway. You definitely don’t want to disrupt the flow of the party or have guests tripping over expensive camera equipment.

When it comes to lighting, consider whether the photo booth will be outside or inside. Is there natural light? Windows? Make sure the camera you’re using has a flash setting or set up lighting around the photo space. Clear any distractions and things you don’t want in the photos from the subject area.

And remember to take a few test shots before the big day. Snag someone to help you frame the shots, mark an “x” where the camera needs to be and boundary lines so guests know what space they need to stand in.

Photo Booth Backdrops and Props

Creating backdrops and wedding photo booth props is the fun part! Get creative and go as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Set up a prop station or costume trunk so guests know where to go and what’s available.

Photo Booth Ideas for Wedding Photo Source: Wedding Bells

 Some ideas:

  • Drape fabric over a door or hang across a wall or between trees. You can find plenty of funky fabrics at craft stores. Bedsheets also make for great backdrops.
  • Create your own backdrop using cardboard and crafting supplies. Think sequins, chevron stripes, glitter paint, streamers, and flags.
  • Set up a sitting area using found or borrowed furniture you adore.
  • Attach paper flowers to a wall.
  • Hang lanterns (paper or otherwise) so that they hover in the photos.

As for props, you can use just about anything:

Wedding photo booth props

      • Dress up props like oversized sunglasses, hats, capes, masks, and jewelry
      • Vintage frames
      • Chalkboards or white boards for guests to write a message on
      • Funny signs that say things like, “I don’t know these people,” “I came for the cake,” “Don’t tag this photo.”

photo booth props for weddings

Another fun idea is to have the backdrop and props match the theme or colors of the wedding. Have a pink and gold palette? Throw in a sparkling gold backdrop and pink props. Or keep it gender neutral by having several options that guests can change out themselves.

Capturing the Best Photographs

If you have a DSLR camera, set it up on a sturdy tripod and include an auto clicker remote shutter release so guests can take their own photos. Auto clickers can be purchased from our trusted affiliate Amazon for a minimal cost and can be attached to the camera or wireless. If you choose the wireless remote, just make sure your camera can accept infrared signals.

No DSLR? No problem. Ask friends and family if you can borrow theirs, rent a camera from a local photo shop, or use a regular point-and-shoot. You can also consider hiring a college student interested in photography, if you don’t want guests taking their own photos. Students looking to get into the biz are always thrilled to help out and even more so if you compensate for their time and effort. Cash and gift cards are a nice thank you.

Make a Photo Book

Of course you’ll want to save all those photos and look back at them for years to come. What better way to do it than with a photo book? My Bridal Pix has many free photo book templates in our software. Easily arrange and layout your book and  you can even share it on Facebook with family and friends! Choose from ready made templates,  backgrounds, colors, art elements, and add text to make it completely your own.

This whimsical coffee table book will be a conversation starter for years to come!  You can check out wedding photo books here


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