How to Choose a Wedding Venue to Rock Your Photos!

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Choosing the right wedding venue can make a big difference in the outcome of your wedding images. It’s not only about choosing a location that will fit your needs, but about finding that perfect spot where you, your partner and friends and family will come together to create lasting memories of your wedding day. Your photographer will be there to capture those memories, which is why it’s so important to carefully consider how the wedding venue will affect the outcome of the photos. If you want awesome photos, you need to have a venue that creates the right palette and atmosphere for your wedding photographer to craft those images.

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If you’ve spent months pouring over Pinterest images, you’ve seen how a beautiful venue and attention to detail can create gorgeous wedding photos. But you can’t expect your photographer to do all the work, you need to give them something to work with to create beautiful images. Getting those pin-worthy shots means choosing a venue that reflects your style and has built in character for those WOW shots.  And adding personal touches like flowers and special lighting can create even more ambience for beautiful photos.

Mood and Style

When choosing a wedding venue think about the mood and style you want to express. Is your heart set on a country chic wedding? Do you dream about a romantic indoor wedding or modern, urban outdoor wedding? Sit down with your partner and talk about the styles each of you likes. This will help greatly when choosing a wedding venue that will make for the best photos.

When you’re looking at different options, keep your vision in mind. Notice the look and feel of the venue and how it’s set up. Does it compliment your style? You probably wouldn’t want to get married at a country cottage if you’re digging the modern vibe.

Think of the wedding venue as a blank canvas. It’s the backdrop for your entire wedding, so you’ll want to choose a place that is flexible and allows you to make it your own.

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Small Wedding Venues vs. Large Wedding Venues

Before choosing a venue, have a rough idea of the size of the guest list. This will determine what size venue you’ll be able to choose in order to accommodate guests. You wouldn’t want to cram a bunch of people into a small venue and risk having photos that make the place look like a tin of sardines.

When you look at venue spaces, consider the details. Is there enough altar space for the wedding party? If the wedding party is squished together and in the way, it’ll make it hard for the photographer to get good side shots of the couple. How will chairs be positioned? Make sure there is enough space and mobility for the photographer to get different angled shots. What’s the shape of the ceremony space like? The reception area? Once you’ve narrowed your search, ask your photographer to accompany you to a site and get her opinion. She’ll be able to envision the best spots for photos and whether or not the venue size will hinder or help.

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Time of Day and Season

These are a biggie when it comes to choosing a wedding venue that will give you the best possible photos. You probably have a good idea of what season the wedding will be in, so keep that in mind when visiting venues. If you’re checking out a venue during the fall, but plan on having the wedding in the spring, ask the vendor what it’s like during your preferred time of year. Ask to see photos from past weddings held at that venue during your chosen season.

 You’ll also want to ask about rain plans, especially if any part of the wedding will be held outside. Once you’ve decided on a place, go for a second touring during the time of day your wedding will be held and hopefully the same season. Notice how the sun shines, what the lighting is like, how the venue looks at that time of day. Photos will look different at 10 a.m. than they do at 4 p.m. Plus, you don’t want photos of a bunch of people squinting into the sun.

We know it’s a lot to think about, but if you dig into the details now and consider all the possibilities, you’ll have a picture perfect wedding venue and gorgeous wedding photos you can gush over for years to come.


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  1. I appreciate you mentioning how you should consider the style you want to express when choosing a wedding venue. It is important to remember that taking all these factors into account can help you make sure your special day is unforgettable. My little girl is getting married in a few months and wants to make sure she finds the perfect place to celebrate her wedding, so I’ll share your page with her.

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