Hiring Wedding Photographers – Why You Need At Least Two

Should You Hire Two Photographers Instead of One?

When hiring wedding photographers, one of the best tips couples will receive is make sure you have more than one photographer. Most professional photographers will have at least one or two assistants but you will need to confirm this. If they don’t include a second photographer in their package, insist on it! If not hire another one yourself or look elsewhere.

We know you are thinking. I can barely afford to hire one professional wedding photographer! Stick with us and keep reading as we have some ideas on how to make this work for you no matter what your budget.

The benefits to having a second shooter can be considerable. Logistically it’s just not possible for a single photographer to be in two places at once. There are so many wonderful moments during the ceremony and reception that will be missed if your photographer is focusing on one element of your wedding. This is where a second shooter can really help out. Making sure you have at least two wedding photographers instead of one is the way to go.

You really need to ask yourself these two very important questions before hiring a wedding photographer.

  1. What happens if your photographer has equipment failure?
  2. What happens if my wedding photographer gets sick the day of the wedding?

With a back-up wedding photographer you will have a better chance of salvaging what could be a disastrous situation. Hiring a good second photographer on hand could help save the day!

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Wedding Photographers

  • Can I afford it? Talk to your photographer and agree on a plan. Perhaps the second photographer can be there for a limited number of hours to capture those unscripted moments that are so precious, while the primary photographer shoots the main events. These are all things that can be discussed and agreed upon prior to hiring wedding photographers. If hiring a second photographer is simply out of your budget consider posting a job on the My Bridal Pix photography job board.Post a job for a student photographer or experienced photographers looking to build their wedding portfolio. Our network of photographers includes photographers of all experience levels who may be willing to help you out and work with your budget.
  • How many guests am I expecting? If you are having over 100 guests, it may be wiser to have two photographers. With such a large crowd, there is always something interesting going on. Let one photographer focus on you –and the other follow your guests to get those unpredictable, spontaneous shots that you will always treasure.
  • What are the logistical challenges of the day? If you and your fiancé are getting ready at different locations or if the ceremony is at one place and the reception is elsewhere, then you will be glad you chose to go with two photographers. Think about the advantage of having one stay with you while you get ready, while the other shoots your groom (and groomsmen perhaps) in another location. Similarly, one photographer can take the more formal family shoots at the church or ceremony site, while the other focuses on candid shots of guests already enjoying the cocktail hour.
  • Will your wedding be relaxed or full of activity? A day filled with lots of activities and different venues will have your one photographer scrambling to get it all done. Two photographers will find it much easier to cover everything.
  • Are there restrictions at the ceremony site? If your ceremony is at a church, your photographer may be restricted by the number shots he or she can take. With two photographers, you can have one take that beautiful shot of you and your father walking down the aisle taken from the front of the church, while the second photographer captures the moment from the choir loft above. It’s all possible with two shooters.
  • Would I like multiple angles and shots of the same moment? For instance, you might like side shots of your formal family poses, as well as a frontal shot. Or two different views of you saying your marriage vows?

When hiring wedding photographers, know up front that most professional photographers work in twos. It best to find a combo that are a regular team like a   husband and wife team who have lots of experience working together. Teams that work together on a regular basis are your best bet because they have their routine down when it comes to capturing those must have shots.

The goal at the end of your wedding day is to to ensure that you have the best possible choice of photos from which to make your final selections for your album.

For additional tips on hiring wedding photographers be sure to read our post 10 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer.

Have more tips to share with couples looking to hire a wedding photographer? Please share your comments below.


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  1. I thought it was interesting that you talked about considering having more than one photographer to make sure everything is documented! My sister is getting married and is looking to hire a boudoir photographer. I think I will also talk to her about considering the number of professionals she’ll need.

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