Bachelorette Party Ideas : 5 Totally Unique Ideas

Looking for some alternative bachelorette party ideas that are not your typical, go out and get plastered, only to hate yourselves the next day?  The days of typical bachelorette party (think tacky genital-shaped straws, bar hopping, and firemen strippers) have been tossed to the wayside thanks to a new generation of women who find far more pleasure in spending their last fling without a  next-day hangover. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a night of loud music and hunky dudes, but if the bride-to-be would rather spend some quality time with the girls outside of the club, this list of 5 alternative bachelorette party ideas might be just for her.

Bachelorette party ideas- boudoir photo shoot!

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1. Boudoir Photo Shoot

A boudoir photo shoot is sure to get the bachelorette party started! Party planners can hire a photographer and have him or her come to the house/venue or the whole group can go to a boudoir photographer’s studio. Many boudoir studios have bachelorette packages, so check out the local listings for studio’s group rates. You can also search for boudoir photographers on the My Bridal Pix Photographer Directory. Be sure to look for photographers who have experience shooting boudoir, as they are better able to offer fun boudoir photo ideas and set ups.

For the actual shoot, guests and the bride-to-be can get glammed up, and maybe take it up a notch with a theme. Flappers from the 20’s, 1950’s retro pin ups,  burlesque stage girls with feather boas are just a few ideas to consider. Whatever you decide, be sure to toast with a glass of champagne (some studios offer champagne in their packages), and have a blast working it in front of the camera with your besties cheering you on. And if not every guest wants to participate in the photo shoot, that’s okay. Some girls can help with makeup, hair, or act as moral support. The main thing is that everyone enjoys themselves.

After the photo session, the bride-to-be and her guests can create a boudoir photo book for their special someone…here are some tips on creating your own boudoir book. The bride can surprise her husband with the book on the eve before the wedding and guests can save their photo books as a special gift on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or simply keep it for themselves as a little token of self-love.

Camping bachelorette party

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2. Go Clamping

If the weather is right, glamping (glamorous camping) might just be the perfect bachelorette party activity for the bride who loves the great outdoors. Campgrounds all over the U.S. offer cabins, tent space, and even retro RVs, teepees, and yurts. Choose which one works best for the group, then decorate the campsite, have a picnic, and plan a few activities.

bachelorette party idea - crafting

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3. Get Crafty

Whether it’s quilting, knitting a cute scarf, scrapbooking, or assembling jewelry, there’s a craft class for everyone. Search your area for places that offer craft instructions (like a craft or hobby store) or put together your own at-home craft party. Decide which skill you want to tackle, purchase the supplies, and let everyone have a go.  Craft parties are a great afternoon activity before getting dolled up and hitting the town for cocktails.

bachelorette party ideas - slumber party

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4. Slumber Party

An old-school-sleepover is never out of style. Gather the girls for a night of cocktails, cupcakes, and lots of laughter. Watch movies, read bridal magazines, paint each other’s nails, do facials, play board games, eat popcorn. And take photos throughout the night to create a bachelorette photo book. Gift it to the bride-to-be before the wedding day!

bachelorette party ideas - visit a winery

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5. Wine & Chocolate Tasting

When it comes to bachelorette party ideas, what girl can say no to a glass of wine and a chunk of chocolate? Look for wineries in your area or host the party at home and recreate a wine tasting session for half the price. Have guests bring their favorite wine and chocolate and supply a few of your own, then combine a few and find which wine tastes the best with each chocolate. It’s definitely not professional level, but it’s sure to be fun.

When Putting Together Your Bachelorette Party Ideas, You Must Consider This…

If you’re the bride-to-be and traditional bachelorette parties aren’t your thing, check in with your bridal party to make sure they’re aware of your likes and dislikes before they start planning. What may be fun to the party planner may not necessarily be fun for you!  And if you’re the one planning the party, sit down with the bride-to-be and show her these alternative options. She can pick one, combine a few of these bachelorette party ideas, and create something that’s totally just her style.


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