Start Prepping Wedding Hair a Year in Advance…here’s how

There’s certainly a lot to arrange in the lead up to your big day, not least making sure your hair looks its best. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, and you can feel confident your hair will shine and have great body and texture for your wedding photos. Discover what hair
tasks you should check off your list at what point with this wedding hair timeline, from the right time to cut and color your hair to when to start using tea tree oil for hair.

12 months

At least a year out you’ll want to book your hairstylist. This involves not only securing them for your big day, but also all the appointments in the lead up – from cuts and colors to trial runs. Your hairstylist will be able to give you professional advice on what will best suit your hair type, wedding theme, bridal gown, and the venue and time of year of your ceremony.

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If you want to have longer locks for your wedding, or grow out your bangs, you’ll want to start working towards that goal now. Regular trims will help keep your hair in good condition, which will encourage growth. You can also use tea tree oil for hair length and thickness, as it helps to nourish your roots. Its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can help maintain a clean scalp and strong hair follicles.

At this point you might also choose to take a supplement that will help the condition of your hair – biotin, vitamin E and omega-3 fish oils are all considered important for hair health. Eating a diet rich in these vitamins and minerals can also help your hair look and feel its best.

6 months

Half a year out, your hairstylist will be slowly moving towards your dream hair color, if you’ve chosen to dye your hair. Building up the perfect shade slowly will ensure your hair remains healthy, and the color is just right. You should also set up a trial run with your bridesmaids and mother of the bride too, to help your hairstylist plan for your big day.

Tips on wedding hair

As for the condition of your hair, this six-month point is when you’ll want to really start pampering your locks, so add weekly nourishing treatments like hair masks to your timetable.

3 months

As your big day inches ever nearer, you won’t want to be doing anything too drastic to your look. It’s all about polishing the work that’s gone before, and maintaining the health of your hair. Your hairstylist will be focused on achieving your target shade and cut.

1 week

With just one week to go, your hair length and color will be ready. Avoid over-styling it in the days leading up to the ceremony, so try not to use styling products, styling tools, excess heat or ponytails, all of which will put pressure on your strands.

Tips to make your hair look it's best on wedding day

Your hairstylist will tell you everything you need to know about the night before and the day itself – when they want you to wash your hair, what time they’ll get your hair ready, etc. Now you know how to prep your hair for your wedding day, you can start planning your perfect hair timeline, and get ready for those perfect photos!


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