Wedding Photos – 8 Simple Tips That Teach You How To Pose

You’ve dedicated a chunk of your budget to a professional wedding photographer, so you’ll no doubt want to get the best wedding photos possible. Although the photographer does most of the work of making you and your family/guests look great, there are some things that you can do to help ensure your wedding photos look as pretty as you do.

Know Your Angles

We all have bits about ourselves that we don’t like or that don’t photograph as well as other bits. For example, everyone has a “good” side, so it’s best to angle yourself to that side to get the best possible pictures. There are also little tricks you can use when posing for your wedding photos, like looking slightly to the left or right and tilting the chin upward to elongate the neck and reduce double chin. Conversely, you can also slightly tilt the chin downward to downplay a larger nose. So take command of your best side and position yourself in your wedding photos to get the best angle.

Open Your Eyes and Smile

It seems a bit common sense, but many times brides end up squinting from smiling too hard. Or they smile closed-mouth in an effort to hide their teeth. Even if you hate your smile, smiling with a closed mouth will not look good in photos. So show those pearly whites, but keep your smile and eyes soft.

Be Aware of the Background

Tips for the bride on how to pose for wedding photos

Of course your venue is gorgeous and the backdrops you’ve created are stunning, but how will they look in photos, and how will you look standing in front of them? Take a few practice shots to make sure everything looks as perfect as it does in your mind. After all, sometimes our imagination doesn’t translate well to reality. 

Skip the SPF For Wedding Photos

There’s a lot of discussion about whether or not one should wear SPF-based products during a photoshoot. The general consensus is…it depends. If you’re going to be outside where no camera flash will be used, then it’s okay to dabble on the sunblock. If your photos will be taken inside, then you don’t need SPF anyway. If you’ll be inside and outside, then you’ll need to be aware of the kind of flash being used. Indirect (bounced) flash, which most photographers use, won’t cause a problem, but direct flash can whiten your face to ghost levels. Whatever your situation, you have options: talk it over with your photographer, take test shots, experiment with different SPF makeup, or don’t wear any, just to be safe. Here’s an in-depth article on wearing SPF makeup on your wedding day, should you want to look more into it.  

Hold Your Arms Properly

This is a big one, especially when it comes to bouquet shots. Pressing your arms against your sides will make them look larger than they actually are, so you’ll want to position them away from your body. Hold your bouquet at waist level and let your arms hover just slightly away from your hips. When not holding anything, remember to relax your arms and hands. You can put one hand on your hip or let both hang naturally by your hips.

Notice the Details

Just as you should be aware of big things like your backdrops, you should also keep an eye on the details. Do a quick check to make sure there aren’t any stray water bottles in range or that a flower vase hasn’t fallen over. You might not catch everything, but taking just a few precious moments to scan the area before the photos get taken will help ensure that there are no background surprises or photobombs. It will also help you save on expensive Photoshop edits to remove.

Hold Your Head High

Be aware of how you’re holding your head as you walk down the aisle. Jittery nerves can sometimes cause people to look down, and that’s definitely not what you want in your wedding photos. Look up, roll your shoulders back, and walk down the aisle like the queen you are.

Be Confident & Relax

Confidence, more than anything else, shines through photos.  When you’re confident you naturally relax. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life! Keep that thought in mind and fill yourself with love and joy. Your happiness and confidence in yourself will show through your eyes, smile, and the way you hold your body. Just be you, relax, have fun, and enjoy being a bride.

When you combine all of these tips, you’ll have stunning photos to fill your wedding album with and cherish until happily ever after.


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