Flush Mount Wedding Albums Are Top Choice

Wedding photo albums are the one wedding day keepsake you don’t want to skimp on. After all, they offer the perfect way to reminise and celebrate your wedding day with your family and friends for years to come. Your wedding images deserve to be displayed in a beautiful handcrafted flush mount wedding album, ready to be shared at a moments notice.

With so many choices of wedding photo albums on the market, couples can sometimes become confused on making the best choice for their wedding album. When choosing the right kind of album style, you want to make sure that you select a book that has archival qualities. This means that the book manufacture uses only the finest of materials in the books consturciton so inks will not fade, or the binding will not fail over time. Even if your photographer is providing your wedding photo album as part of a package, you need to understand the quality of the construction as not all wedding albums are created equal. Please consider the following when choosing your wedding album.

One of the most recommended wedding album styles is the flush mount wedding album. Albeit they are more expensive but they are considered the gold standard of wedding albums and a favorite amoungst professional photographers. The flush mount album offers a unique set of qualities and features that no other wedding albums can match.

Archival Qualities Of The Flush Mount Wedding Album


The flush mount wedding album is without a doubt, high quality and handcrafted. They are not the “consumer grade”, mass produced wedding albums that you see in the marketplace today. Initially, professional photographers introduced flush mount albums to consumers. Handcrafted by only a few small boutique printers, the flush mount album was very expensive, costing thousands and you had to wait months to receive them. Todays print technology, and software has made them much more accessible and affordable than ever before.

The flush mount albums is simply the best book style for wedding albums. Read on to learn more.

Free wedding album templates

Lay-Flat Panoramic Display

Designed for superb photo display, the flush mounts album has panoramic 2 page spreads that will take your breath away. Unlike mass produced photo books, flush mount albums offer a flat panoramic display of your images on thick non-bending pages. There are no gutters or deep folds in the center of your book.  Your images float seamlessly across two pages, making for gorgeous picture displays. The panoramic display is one of it’s greatest features.

Quality Inks

Produced using superior quality archival inks, the flush mount album is highly fade resistant. Most importantly, you will want your book to last many lifetimes so choose a book that uses archival inks.

Superior Quality Paper

Paper choices include Mohawk Superfine Eggshell finish or a Pro photo lustre finish paper. These pro choice papers are optimal for the perfect wedding album. The image reproduction and tonal ranges these papers offer is simply stunning. Our handcrafted flush mount albums use 700gsm moisture resistant, acid-free, warp-free interior page board and a dry glue process to create the luxurious thick photographic pages.

Strong and Superior Binding

A strong superior binding is the cornerstone of the flush mount album.  The book binder carefully hand mounts the book signatures onto the selected cover. This results in a stronger, finer bound book than regular machine glued photo books. You will be impressed when you look at how the pages bind to the spine of the book and how the pages laylat perfectly flat.  It’s a high end professional look and its strong core makes it a desirable choice for a wedding album .

Crafted to stand the test of time, flush mount albums are perfect to share your wonderful wedding photographs for generations and lifetimes to come. Flush mount wedding albums are the best choices for couples who want nothing less than a perfect wedding album. It comes with many benefits and features that you simply cannot find in any other type of album.

Choose the flush mount album and make the perfect wedding album using our free software. You can also hire us to do the layout for you via our Custom Design Services. We will work one on one with you to create a wedding album you will love!


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