How private are my boudoir images?

Your login is password protected, so only you have access to your images on the software. The server in which the images are held is military grade for your security and image protection. Images are given a alpha-numerica code thats tied to a project ID so your images are in no way associated with your name or email address on the server. We understand the sensitive nature of boudoir images and we make every effort to keep your images private during production. We also try to use a all women team at all times to process the books and a black sheet of paper will follow your book through the production line so that it is kept under cover during production. We like to think we do a pretty good job of keeping your boudoir book “under cover” during the printing process 🙂

All boudoir images shown on our website are stock photography and NOT customer images. We would never share customer boudoir images unless we were given the permission to do so with a model release form. Your images are safe with us!

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