Storybook Wedding Album

DIY storybook wedding albums

Photo Source: Sean Gallery


Have you Heard of a Storybook Wedding Album?

It’s a new style of wedding album that tells your wedding story in a creative way. No longer does your wedding album have to be a collection of predictable poses and styled shots. Your parent would never dream of including getting ready shots in their traditional style wedding album! Today, the storybook album is like a diary or a scrapbook filled with mementos and wedding photos laid out in chronological order. Each page throughout the book highlights your favorite moments and tells your unique wedding story. Storybook wedding albums make for beautiful keepsakes and will likely become your favorite book…it truly becomes YOUR Cinderella story.

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5 Reasons You Need to Say “Yes” to a Wedding Album

DIY Flush Mount Wedding Album with Classic White Layout

There’s something special about rummaging through old photos and flipping through photo albums. All those memories, some from decades ago, carefully captured on a rectangular piece of paper. It’s an experience, really, even if the photos aren’t yours. I recently looked through a friend’s wedding album and had so much fun seeing her and her husband’s circa 1970’s British wedding. I could tell she had just as much fun showing me and revisiting the photos.

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