How Many Hours Do I Need A Wedding Photographer?

How many hours do I need to hire a wedding photographer? We've got you covered with these simple tips!

Many brides find themselves asking, “How many hours do I need a wedding photographer? It’s with good reason, as every hour counts and professional wedding photographs do not come cheap. Wedding photographer coverage and how many hours you will need, differ for every situation. It really depends upon the size of your wedding and what you want to accomplish with your wedding photos. Some couples only need for a few hours while others really value even moment being captured. Others may need their photographer for multiple days. Indian weddings are famous for multi day coverage, and if you are planning a destination wedding, you may want to have them stick around for a trash the dress the next day or a rehearsal dinner party the night before. Photographers will often offer you packages with typical scenarios based on their experience but don’t be afraid to ask for special requests.

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Budget Wedding Ideas For Smart Brides

Looking for the perfect wedding budget tips? Try these...

Budget Wedding Ideas

If you’ve recently gotten engaged and started planning your wedding you probably already know the costs add up fast. In fact, the average American wedding can end up somewhere between the $19,000 to $32,000 range. That’s a lot of cash for people just starting their lives together! But a dream wedding doesn’t have to be chucked out the window just because your bank account isn’t as fat as you’d like it to be. Planning a wedding on a budget is actually a great thing because it allows you to get creative and put together a wedding day that is both personal and unique. Read on for a list of tips to help you cut costs and plan a wedding that won’t have you broke before you say I do.

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Wedding Music and How to Organize it!

Tips on how to organize your wedding music - a must read for the bride and groom to be

The wedding music you select is one of many big decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning stage. Aside from the carefully placed flower arrangements and big décor items, the music is one of the first things to greet family and friends and welcome them into your ceremony space. It’s also what ushers you in and out and plays you through the cake cutting to the midnight dancing. Needless to say, it’s important to find just the right pieces of music to set the tone for each wedding moment.

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Wedding Photographer Prices & How to Budget

Wedding photographer prices and how to budget to find one you can afford

Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. Capturing the memories for you and your significant other to look back on should be a top priority. However, figuring out wedding photographer prices, and how much to budget can be a nightmare! We understand the frustration and we are here to help. Every coupe is uniquely different in their needs, and budget, as so are photographers in their experience levels and rates. If you are looking to cut through all the clutter, and find the best way to find a wedding photographer that can meet your needs and budget, read on.

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Wedding Photography Costs – What Your Photographers Wants You to Know.

Wedding photography costs

How Photographers Estimate Quotes For Wedding Photography

Wondering how a photographer estimates their wedding photography costs? Understanding from a photographer’s perspective what goes into the wedding photography quote will help you understand. It allows you to access a value of the work based on knowledge, and not just a feeling of what you think what wedding photography should cost. Rates will vary depending upon individual differences, locations, experience levels and cost-of-living for each photographer. So this is why there are such variances, but the typical expenses and time associated with your wedding photographer can be generalized as follows.

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DIY Wedding Ideas to Inspire

Unique DIY Wedding Ideas

The DIY wedding is definitely a thing these days. Not only does it save couples a few dollars, a DIY wedding adds a more personal touch to the celebration. Of course, there are some wedding professionals who poo- poo the idea of a DIY bride, as if harboring a creative wedding dream and a glue gun is a big mistake. The truth is, DIY weddings do have their own challenges, but they’re also well worth it if the couple is a little savvy and willing to embrace their crafty side and just have some fun. Hopefully some of our DIY wedding ideas will help inspire you and let you know it is OK to tackle some DIY projects , even though some pro’s will tell you otherwise.

DIY Wedding Decor

A great way to personalize your wedding is with the wedding decor. A few simple, crafty and inexpensive items can really make an impact on your wedding decor. Take for instance our tulle and helium balloons…these are one of our most popular pins on Pinterest! They are such a sweet decoration and could also be used for engagement parties, bridal showers, and baby showers and so easy to make!

DIY wedding ideas- tulle and helium balloons

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Wedding Budget: 6 Tips to Stay on Track


Tips on how to plan and stick to your wedding budget

A wedding budget is something every engaged couple needs to consider. Even if you have a large budget to work with, expenses can get out of hand real quick if you are both not on the same page! Creating a wedding budget may not be the most fun part of the wedding planning process, but it’s definitely one of the most practical. Talking to your fiance about finances, making lists, and doing the math will save you time and money in the long run. Plus, staying on budget will save you from tons of stress after it’s all said and done. Questions like, “Have we overspent? Can we afford this? How much debt are we in?” won’t be an issue because you will have already worked it all out upfront.

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Small Wedding Ideas

Tips and advice on how to have a small wedding with big impact

I think everyone can agree that big parties can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to weddings, but small, intimate weddings can be just as fun and beautiful. If you’re working with a small budget, having a more intimate wedding is definitely the way to go. Even if you have a slightly larger budget, consider the small wedding and how you can incorporate personalized details to make it feel extra special for you and your guests. Here are a few small wedding ideas we have to share.

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