Why am I getting an error message when I try to use a photo?

If you receive the warning icon over your image you are being warned by the software that your image does not have the proper resolution to print that size. You can try to make the image smaller, and this sometimes fixes the problem, or you can make sure that your images are hi-resolution 300 DPI images sized to fit the book you have selected. If your photographer gave you 5×7 images at 300DPI and you are trying to print a 12×12 size book, the 5×7 image will give you a warning if you want to enlarge it to a 12×12 size. If you are not able to obtain the correct size images from your photographer, we suggest, reducing the size of the image by adjusting the template photo placeholder or go with a small sized book.  Do not print the book with yellow warning signs, or you will not be happy with the print quality.

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