Should I be concerned about uploading an image of specific dimensions?

For best print quality your images should be saved at 300DPI ( DPI stands for dots per inch and the dots make up your digital image). You should also keep in mind the size of the image…if your photographer saved your images as 300 DPI at a 5×7 size and you want to print a 12×12 size book, you will have to increase the size of your image to make this work…this increases the spread between your DPI which can result in poor image quality. The bet practice is to ask for images to be saved at least the size of the book you are looking to make, if not a little larger. Our largest size book is 12×12 so you are safe to ask for images that are saved at 12″ high and landscape images to be  12x 24″ wide so that they will work over a two page spread without any resolution problems.



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