Can I upload my own design spreads?

If you wish to design your layout in your own design software you can upload the completed layout as a 300 DPI .jpg file saved in SRGB color space. Our photo uploader will take up to a 25MG image. You will then choose the “blank template” under your book style and size selection and then insert a full page or full spread layout from the layouts tab in the software. Repeat for each page layout.  Please keep the following sizes in mind as you design your templates:

6×6 – 6 x12″ layout

8×8- 8 x 16″ layout

10×10 – 10 x 20″ layout

12×12- 12 x 24″ layout

8.5×11 – 8.5 x 22 layout

11×8.5 – 11 x 17″ layout


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