Storybook Wedding Album

Have you Heard of a Storybook Wedding Album?

It’s a new style of wedding album that tells your wedding story in a creative way. No longer does your wedding album have to be a collection of predictable poses and styled shots. Your parent would never dream of including getting ready shots in their traditional style wedding album!

Today, the storybook album is like a diary or a scrapbook filled with mementos and wedding photos laid out in chronological order. Each page throughout the book highlights your favorite moments and tells your unique wedding story. Storybook wedding albums make for beautiful keepsakes and will likely become your favorite book…it truly becomes YOUR Cinderella story.

DIY storybook wedding albums
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Creating a Good Storybook Album Starts With the Photographer

This isn’t just about showing up and snapping random images. A professional photographer understands the flow of a wedding and how to take photos that tell a story. Everything from the first look to the first dance can be photographed and included in your album, and a creative wedding photographer will be able to see the story behind those moments. The emotions, the thoughts, the unspoken words. And when all of those photos come together in a photo storybook, you’ll be able to relive them as if they happened yesterday.

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When you choose a photographer, give them some “research” material to work with: the schedule, venue, a general idea of who will attend, your invitation, ceremony booklet, etc. Giving the photographer opportunities to capture details that will help him or her to create a structure and build your wedding story through images.

Photo by Jenna Norman on Unsplash

 A complete story starts with all the little details and behind-the-scenes moments, like the ring, shoes and dress, the bride getting ready, the groom tucking a flower into his lapel. Some couples choose to include a story of how they met. The story then unfolds from there and can be seen in the photos of the bride walking down the aisle, the vow exchange, and even in creative shots of guests watching the ceremony. A page from a speech from your wedding that touched you hearts or made you laugh will certainly add emotion to your album and be a wonderful reminder of the joy you felt on your wedding day. All this can be customized in the My Bridal Pix software making is easy to personalize the layout and wording in your wedding album just the way you want it!

Layflat wedding albumHigh quality, Flush Mount Album handcrafted and bound to stand the test of time

Of course, group shots with posed positions are welcome in a storybook wedding album, but it’s best to keep them to a minimum. A family shot, the bridal party, and groom’s party can all be taken in a creative way and added to the album. A photographer can also take shots of the bride and groom together, maybe kissing under a tree, walking through a field, or a detail shot of your wedding bouquet so you can always remember how beautiful your flowers were. The thing to keep in mind is that the best images include context, narrative, and emotion. The context is where the moment is taking place; the narrative is the story; and the emotion is the unspoken story revealed through the faces of friends and family. A professional wedding photographer can help you achieve those perfect shots that tell your story in a beautiful way.

Layflat wedding album design software and printingFlush Mount Wedding Album – genuine leather cover in white

All wedding albums are cherished treasures, but the storybook wedding album is a modern and unique way to capture all the love that goes into a wedding. Who better to tell the story of your wedding day than you! Sure your professional photographer can create a beautiful wedding album for you but will they take the time to really add the sentimental storyline that truly makes it unique? Over the years I have seen many family albums, some of the people are long gone and unfortunately so are their stories. Don’t let your love story be forgotten by generations to come.

How to Make Your Own Storybook Wedding Album

My Bridal Pix easy to use book making software.

Free & easy to use software with tutorials – no Photoshop skills necessary!

My Bridal Pix offers couples interested in making a storybook wedding album all the book making tools they need to truly make their wedding album a one of a kind masterpiece. The free professional grade templates and easy to use software allow you to add text to your storyline, add tasteful art elements as well as layout your book with ease. Design consultants are on hand to help you with the process if you should have questions or need help with your layout. We also offer complete custom album design for $2.50 per page.

Storybook wedding album

Making a storybook wedding album is certainly a labor of love but in the end, you’ll have your never ending love story, shared for generations to come.


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