Great Wedding Ideas: 5 Things To Incorporate That Your Guests Will Actually Remember

Great wedding Ideas

When considering great wedding ideas consider this. Big-ticket items can quickly eat up your wedding budget. Our goal is to help you see how these few simple wedding ideas can make your day very memorable without breaking the bank. You have to allot money for your dress, your hair and makeup, photographer, videographer, venue, and catering. The list goes on and on and it all adds up fast! There are a few less obvious elements that are definitely worth prioritizing. The focus should be about making your wedding one they will never forget!

Purchase an Interactive Guest Book

Photo Book - Wedding Guest Book

Most weddings have guest books where people simply sign their names. What’s more boring than a book filled with just signatures 20 years down the road? Opt for a guest book for your guests to leave their well wishes and inspiring advice. This gives you a wonderful keepsake to reflect upon years down the road.

Interactive” guest books allow you to customize your book with your engagement photos, and ask your guests questions or prompts that’ll leave you with sweet responses from your loved ones. My Bridal Pix has a range of templates available to choose from. You can prompt your guests with questions like, ‘What will you remember about our wedding day?’ The My Bridal Pix guest book templates have questions preset to enable you to input common choices quickly and easily – or, if you prefer, you can add your own!

Every wedding your guests have been to probably had something for them to sign, so why not make yours different by incorporating your engagement photos with a unique and meaningful question prompt? It’ll definitely stick in their minds.

Hire a Wedding Band

Photo by Andy Lee on Unsplash

Music is an integral way to set the mood of your wedding. While you may have selected your first dance song, there’s so much more to consider. Of course, you could opt for a DJ or make a playlist yourself, but there’s something special about hiring a wedding band to get the party started!

Live music is always more memorable than having a DJ play music, and don’t worry if there are certain songs that you have to have played on your wedding night. Adam Michaels, owner of the wedding band company Around Town Entertainment, explains how his bands are “able to learn any new or specific songs that you want to be played as long as they’re given a preferred setlist in advance.” There’s something about live music that will be sure to keep your dancefloor filled all night long. Your guests won’t be able to stop gushing about the fun they had afterward!

Hiring a wedding band will give your guests a fun and lively experience. DJs are just much more common. The adaptability and personality of a wedding band will get your guests up on their feet, making a live band expereince something extra special.

Cater to Everyone

Catering is crucial. Ensure your guests are well-fed throughout the day, especially if there is a gap of time between your ceremony and reception. When you’re a guest at both ceremony and reception, weddings can drag on if you’re hungry and dehydrated causing you to count down the minutes until the meal, which doesn’t create a great mood!

It’s not necessary that you provide snacks after a meal and dessert, but for people who are attending any after-party, it’s nice to offer them something small. Finger food works well and will definitely be something your guests remember, especially if there’s been plenty of drinking at your reception and after party!

Food brings people together, so it’s a great way to let your guests mingle with other groups of people over canapes or snacks. It’s worth investing a little bit extra into catering to ensure your guests are happy and fed – and make sure that anyone with dietary requirements has at least one option.

Book parking spots or shuttle buses

A great wedding idea that your guests will surly appreciate is figuring out their transportation to and from the ceremony to the venue and back to their hotels. It’s frustrating arriving somewhere and there is limited parking. It’s equally as frustrating to find that parking must be paid for with any warning. If your venue allows you to mass-reserve parking spots, do it! Your guests and the venue will thank you. Another idea would be to provide a valet service. This allows your guests not to worry about parking and finding their way back into the venue.

If you’re having your reception or ceremony out of town, consider this. Book some shuttle buses to bring your guests to and from the venue. It cuts down on a lot of the hassle and it allows your guests to relax. Going the extra mile with transport is not always something that couples do, which means your guests will definitely remember it!

Send Out Personalized Thank You Cards

So while this one isn’t for the day of your wedding, it’s a nice touch. The weeks and months following your wedding will be a whirlwind: recovery. Honeymoons, and the newlywed excitement can distract you if you don’t plan for these beforehand.

Your guests were a big part of your day. It’s a nice gesture to thank them for adding to the enjoyment and celebration. Generic thank you cards are an option, but it’s definitely worth sending cards unique to your wedding, with photos and personalized notes. What makes it even more memorable is if you send the cards by mail.

In our digital age, receiving mail is becoming increasingly rare for anything that isn’t a utility bill or advertisements. Sending a thank you card promptly in the mail, is definitely going to be remembered. This is a great wedding idea and does not cost much other than a stamp and your time.

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding, the day will be a great memory for you and your spouse. Remember your guests are a big part of your day too! By investing in the 5 things mentioned, you can guarantee your wedding will be a memorable one.


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