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The Magic Of A Wedding Guest Book

We promise your wedding guest book will be the ultimate memory maker, weaving together the laughter, love, and unique stories of your big day! Imagine flipping through its pages and being greeted by not just signatures, but by heartfelt advice, hilarious anecdotes, and well wishes that warm your heart. With interactive prompts sprinkled throughout, it’s not just a book—it’s a collaborative masterpiece, where every guest gets to leave their mark in the most unforgettable way. So, why settle for a plain old signature guest book when you can have a wedding guest book featuring your engagement photos and bursting with personality and memories that’ll have you smiling for many years to come?

Guest Book Pro Tips

When it comes to wedding guest books, the magic number is typically around 20-30 pages or 10-15 spreads. This size offers ample space for approximately 100-150 signatures, ensuring everyone can leave their mark comfortably. With only 1-3 images per spread, there’s plenty of room for your guests to share their heartfelt messages alongside your memories. Our Lay Flat albums reign as the top choice for guest books, offering a seamless display of your photos. Opt for Matte paper if you prefer the versatility of any pen or pencil, while Pro Photo paper calls for a quick-dry fine-tip Sharpie permanent marker to ensure lasting signatures.

Guest Book Templates

Explore our collection of guest book templates, that offer designer quality while remaining 100% customizable and completely free. Dive into our easy-to-use book making tool, where you can effortlessly drag and drop your images and tweak templates to your heart’s content. No need for Photoshop skills here! With our intuitive interface and helpful tutorials, you’ll have a professional-looking book in minutes. But if you’d rather leave it to the experts, fear not! We offer Custom Album Design services to bring your wedding photo guest book to life with ease and precision

Wedding Photo Books

Choose Your Book Style

Flush Mount Photo Album

Flush Mount Photo Album

High quality, handcrafted and bound to
stand the test of time.
FROM $110

Layflat Photo Album

Layflat Photo Album

Sturdy layflat panoramic spreads that will wow you.
FROM $80

Hard Cover Photo Book

Classic photo book made with archival
quality paper and inks.
FROM $34

Soft Cover Photo Book

Trendy magazine style coffee
table book.
FROM $25

“Just received my guest book and it looks amazing! I love the padded cover and the overall quality of the book.– Abby ,USA

Guest Books

Wedding guest books make the perfect wedding day keepsake and a perfect way to display all your beautiful engagement photos on your wedding day. Our interactive guest books are beautifully designed with prompted questions your guests will adore answering. What would you really like to have 10-20-50 years form now… a traditional guest book just filled with signatures or a book featuring your engagement photos along with warm and funny sentiments from all your wedding guests?

When choosing an album style for your wedding guest book, we highly recommend a panoramic style album, like the Lay Flat Album. The gorgeous panoramic spreads these books feature will give your book that WOW factor you’re looking for along with a nice flat surface for your guest to write on. While we do offer less expensive photo books options, these books will not offer you the 2 pages panoramic spreads that really make a wedding guest book stand out.

If you do choose a Hardcover Photo Book or a Softcover Photo Book, we recommend to stick with the larger size books as they will lay more open than a portrait style or smaller book.

Layflat Album paper options include our matte paper which accepts all inks and no page transfer or our Pro photo paper that requires a permanent fine tip marker for best signature results. Standard Hard Cover Photo Books and Soft Cover Photo books have paper that will accept most inks.

Our wedding guest book templates are easy and fun to work with. Simply drag and drop your images into the templates and adjust the template as needed to accommodate the cropping of your images. Our software is state of the art and allows a lot of flexibility is creating a layout that works with the unique size of your images. You will amazed how quickly you can create a professional looking book in minutes.

Please allow 5-10 business days to process your guest book order plus shipping time. If you need assistance from the design team to layout your guest book, please add and additional 3 days to your order for design time.

We promise you will love the quality of your wedding guest book!

Get Inspired

View a few wedding photo book layouts created in our easy to use software to help spark your creativity

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