First Look Wedding Photos – A Popular Trend

Bride & groom first look photos

Want to Capture a Truly Amazing Moment on Your Wedding Day?

Consider First Look wedding photos! First Look photos will give your wedding photographer the opportunity to capture those truly sweet, tender moments that you and your groom will share alone when you first set eyes on each other on your wedding day. There will be no guests or officiates lurking in the background or dimly lit ceremonies…just the two of you alone, in a beautiful natural light setting. Photographers often say that they are able to capture some of the best images of the day in these special moments you share alone before the hustle and bustle of your wedding day.  This alone time 10 to 15 minutes before the ceremony not only results in some of the best photos of the day but it will also put both of you at ease during the ceremony.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

First Look Wedding Photos Are Growing in Popularity

First Look photos are quickly becoming a growing trend.  More and more couples are choosing to do the majority of their portrait photos before the wedding as it’s a huge time saver and the photos come out amazing. You can still capture the emotion and romance of seeing each other for the first time and the pictures actually turn out better as you are not rushed and hurried. It’s a growing trend because couples want awesome, emotionally filled wedding photos and First Look wedding photos deliver!

First Look Photos are Packed With Emotion

The great thing about First Look wedding photos is that you can be as creative or as simple as  you like.  Our advice is to show some personality in the images. If the two of you are fun or silly, then incorporate this in the moment. If you want something serious and romantic then go for it. In fact you can have both! Use Pinterest for inspiration  but don’t be afraid to ask your photographer as they have probably already done this a few hundred times before.

Here are some of our favorite First Look wedding photos:

First Look Wedding Photos Bride sneaking up on groom. Photography by Claire Marika Photography

Sharing a special moment together without actually seeing each other

We love this look of Bride surprising the Groom in the church before the ceremony. Photography by Kim + Adam Photography

Don't forget to have the second shooter capture the bridesmaids reaction to the First Look! We love this candid photo! Photography by Feather and Twine Photography
Don’t forget to have the second shooter capture the bridesmaids reaction! We love this candid photo! Photography by Feather and Twine Photography

For more First Look wedding photos, follow our First Look photo board on Pinterest

The old days of not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony seem to be quickly fading into the past. What are your thoughts? Will you be traditional or go for First Look? If you are a photographer then let our readers  know why you like taking First Look wedding photos.


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  1. In most cases it is important for the bride to enjoy the first look for a long period of time than following the old tradition. It is a must for any bride.

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