Wedding Memorial Ideas to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

15 Meaningful Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion and of course you would love for all of your loved ones to share in your celebration of unity. But how do you include a wedding memorial and honor those family members and friends who have passed away? And how do you do so in a respectable, elegant way that adds to the celebration rather than dampens the mood?  A wedding memorial is a wonderful way to pay special tribute to those who were near and dear to you but can no longer be with you. Here are 14 heartfelt and meaningful ways to honor and include those who have passed.

Creating Your Wedding Memorial For a Loved One

First, to decide which wedding memorial tribute is most appropriate, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What kinds of things did he/she enjoy?
  2. What is your relationship to the loved one?
  3. Will it be a public or private tribute?

Once you’ve decided on whether the wedding memorial tribute will be public or private, you can then think about the details of the tribute. Some ideas:

1. Include a memento, like a photo, handkerchief or brooch, in the bouquet.

Perfect way to include a passed loved one in your wedding day.
Via Intimate Weddings

2. Wear something that reminds you of your loved one – a locket/earrings/ring/etc.

 Wedding memorial groom locket
Via Oh Lovely Day

3. Use a gift or heirloom (silverware, champagne glasses) during the reception.

Photo by Joshua Chun on Unsplash

4. Include “In Loving Memory” in the ceremony program.


Via Wedding Bee

5.Light a candle during the ceremony or have one burning on the entryway table.


Via Tumblr

6. Have a photo table featuring family wedding photos from both the living and those who have passed on.

Wedding memorial picture table for wedding.

Kat Braman via Green Wedding Shoes

7. Toast to their memory with their favorite drink.


Via Fly Away Bride

8. Play your loved one’s favorite song as you walk down the aisle or read a favorite poem during the ceremony.


Aaron Delesie via Style Me Pretty

9. Save them a seat by placing a flower or cherished memento on an empty chair.


Jacquelyn Poussot via Wedding Chicks

10. Wrap your bouquet with a tie your grandpa/uncle/father/etc wore.


Lauryn Byrdy Photography via Style Me Pretty

11. Sew a photo or scrap of their clothing into your wedding gown.


Sequins and Candy Photography via Style Me Pretty

12. Release a balloon, butterflies, or doves for each passed loved one at the end of the ceremony.


Via Rock My Wedding

14. Place memorial candles on each side of the altar to honor those on both sides of the family.


Laura Izumikawa Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

15. Share a family recipe.


Sarah Q. Photography via Style Me Pretty

Also, if you’re honoring your dad at the wedding, there’s no doubt the question of who will walk you down the aisle will come up. It’s really up to you and who you feel can best represent your father. You can of course walk yourself down the aisle while holding a memento of him, but if you’d rather not go it alone, ask another close family member, like your mom, brother, grandfather, or even one of your dad’s closest friends.

Once you’ve decided on how you’ll remember those you’ve lost, let your nearest and dearest know so they’re not caught off guard. Check in with family to make sure everyone’s okay with the decision, especially if the loved one’s passing is recent.

Do you have a special way of honoring those who have passed? Let us know in the comments.


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