What is a flush mount book?

Our Flush Mount Albums are constructed with only the finest of book making materials and archival bindery techniques. Your images are printed on the industry leading, Fuji Crystal Archival Lustre photographic paper. Fuji photo paper is processed like a photographic using a silver halide print process. The end result is excellent tonal ranges, blacks will be blacker, whites will be brighter and most importantly, you will have more accurate skin tones. The details that the Fuji Archival paper delivers, cannot be matched by any other paper. This is not a press printed book…it is processed and put together with a series of photographic prints mounted to hardboard to give it thick non bending pages.  The photo prints lay completely flat, across two pages creating a lay-flat spread with a minimal micro-fold. We offer 3 cover choices for flush mount albums: Photo Wrap, Eco-leahter or Premium Italian Leahter. They are most often used for special occasions such as weddings and boudoir albums. they are considered the gold standard in albums.

Flush mount wedding album with panoramic pages

Some things to consider when purchasing  a Flush Mount Album…

Is the flush mount album press printed with a series of dots or is it a top of the line photographic paper? True photo paper like the Fuji Crystal Archival photo paper will hands down give you the best results over any press printed paper. 

Does you book have quality binding? Make sure your book has archival binding or it may fall apart over time.

Does the book manufacturing company offer real leather? Some companies will offer you leather covers but fail to tell you that it is a bonded leather. This is not a genuine leather hide. Bonded leather is a pulp made from shredded leather and a polyurethane coating which is embossed with a leather-like texture.We offer you a premium Italian Leather that are REAL hides and also our economical leather look alike…Eco-leahter cover.

Does the book manufacture offer you any guarantees? My Bridal Pix offers you a 100% Guarantee…if for some reason your book has a manufacture defect, we will replace it for free, no questions asked.

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