How Flush Mount Albums Make Your Wedding Photos Come Alive

Wedding photo albums are hands down the best wedding day keepsake and a great way to celebrate the beautiful union of two people for years to come. Your photographer caputured the best moments so why not display them in the best, professional quality wedding photo album tso they can be looked again and again. Brides can sometimes obbsess over choosing the right kind of wedding album so consider the following.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to wedding albums. One of the most recommended wedding album styles is  flush mount albums. They are considered the gold standard of wedding albums. It offers unique qualities and features that no other wedding albums can match.

Here some of the ways the flush mount albums make your beautiful wedding photos come alive:


Flush mount wedding albums are high quaity and handcrafted unlike the “consumer grade”, mass produced wedding albums that you see in the marketplace today.  Initially, flush mount albums were introducted to consumers only through professional photographers and considered to be high-end wedding albums. Handcrafted by only a few small boutique printers, they were very expensive, costitng thousands and  you had to wait months to recieve them. Todays print technology, and software has made them much more accessible and affordable than ever before.

One of the key features of this album style is that it is hand mounted on the inner substrate. It comes with real silver halide photo paper, giving your wedding images excellent tonal ranges and that extra special color pop!  If you want your wedding photos to look the best they can be, be sure to choose an album with real photographic paper, like Fuji Crysal Archival paper instead of  regular consumer grade press printed paper.

It’s Polished, Strong and Superior

Flush mount wedding albums are also known for handcrafting the binding of your book, which will be stronger, finer and superior than the regular glued albums. When you look at how the pages bind to the spine of the book and  how the pages laylat you will be impressed by it’s high end polished look. Its strong core makes it a desirable wedding album to stand the test of time and to share your wonderful wedding  photographs for years to come. For a wedding phtoo book that is built stong choose the flush mount album. They are built strong and have a handcrafted feel about them.

Lay-Flat Panoramic Display

Flush mounts albums are designed for superb photo display. Unlike your mass produced wedding albums, flush mount offers flat panoramic displays of your images. There are no gutters or deep folds in the center of your book.  Your iamges float nearly seamlessly across two pages. This makes the pictures look so lively and beautiful. This is one of the reasons why flush mounts are considered the gold standard for the wedding albums. The panoramic display is one of its greatest features.

Superior Quality Papers

The superior quality of the papers makes flush mount albums one of the best options for wedding photos. They come with thick Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper with the lustre finish. This gives the photos that royal look every couple wants in their wedding photos. The photo displays on these papers are simply stunning.

Flush mount wedding albums are one of the best choices for couples who want nothing less than a perfect wedding album. It comes with many benefits and features that you simply cannot find in any other type of album. Choose the flush mount album and make your photos come alive. Get the album now!

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