Hire a Honeymoon Photographer

Capture Those Magical Memories With a Honeymoon Photographer!

After the endless details and stress of the wedding, what could be better than looking forward to your honeymoon. Ahhhhh relaxing, just the two of you, in a lovely destination in the U.S. or abroad? Perhaps you have chosen a beautiful beach area, an island in the Caribbean maybe, a tour in the wine country in California, a hiking or bicycle trip if you are athletic types. Whatever your choice, your honeymoon will always be a treasured memory that is an important first step in your lives together as husband and wife so why not hire a honeymoon photographer to capture those memories?

Honeymoon photography and honeymoon photo book

Consider hiring a honeymoon photographer to ensure that the memories do not fade with time. No more asking complete strangers to take your photos! No more pictures of your arms outstretched, trying to capture a shot of the two of you together on a beach! Hire a pro honeymoon photographer to capture these wonderful pictures instead.Why risk unattractive, out-of- focus photographs of what is going to be your best vacation ever? If you hire a professional photographer you can be sure to get shots that are picture perfect that you will treasure for always.

How to Hire a Honeymoon Photographer

A perfect place to start your search for a honeymoon photographer is by posting a free photography bid request on the My Bridal Pix photography job board. CLICK HERE to see some of our current bid requests posted by couples looking for photography services. Post a free bid request for a “Honeymoon “Photographer” on the job board for a mid week photo shoot  and we are sure you will have photographers clamoring to help you out. We have photographers in our network from all over the world.

How much you can expect to pay will depend on the number of hours, the country and the location, but in general, two to three hours of work will prove to be well worth the expense. Think about having a change or two of clothing to mix things up – and even two or three locations, depending upon where you are. What about a shot of a romantic sunset or an intimate dinner for two on the beach or a romantic restaurant? Plan your few hours carefully with your photographer. Tell him or her about exactly what you want – and especially about any special locations so that the lighting and weather can be taken into consideration.


Honeymoon Photography and Honeymoon Photo Book

Why not hire a professional photography to capture special honeymoon memories.

Make a Honeymoon Book

Another thing to consider is making a honeymoon photo album. In the video below you will see one of our Pixie Books made into a honeymoon book.  This is one of  the many free photo book templates we have on our book making tool to help you make professional looking books in a snap. All you need to do is upload your images to our site, select the templates you want to use and simply drag and drop your images into the placeholders. You can even add text to make your book all the more personal. Imagine having a professionally photographed permanent record of your honeymoon right there on your coffee table – to enjoy whenever you want to re-live it. Or a mini photo book like the one below to tuck into your purse or pocket whenever …one for him and one for you!

You can also use your honeymoon photos to create wall art in your new home, or  make postcards or wedding thank you cards to send to your friends and family when you get back home. Now you will have lots of good photos to upload onto facebook and other social media sites – and they will be great quality!

If you are a photographer or couple and have taken honeymoon pictures, share your experience with us!

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