Engagement Photo Ideas

Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

Unique engagement photo ideas were something your parents didn’t even need to think about when they got engaged. Back in those days engagement photos had a certain basic look…a brown or blue studio backdrop, the man sitting on a stool, and the young bride-to-be with her hands delicately placed on his shoulder…you know the ones I’m talking about. Yup the ones most likely hanging in your our parents hallway with the big bushy hair-do’s! Back then, that was as creative as it got, matching shirts and all…thank goodness engagement photography has come along way! You can thank all those wonderful creative artsy type photographers and willing couples out there that continue to raise the bar and melt our hearts with some really fantastic engagement photo ideas like you’ll see below.

Tell Your Story as a Couple

Photographers these days encourage “storytelling” images that focus more on personality and lifestyle. Your engagement photos should truly reflect on you as a couple, and not focus on a formal, posed shot. You should have fun during the photo shoot.  Invest the time to come up with really creative ideas, and in years to come, you will be so happy you did.  You have to admit, it’s kind of fun to look at all these creative engagement shoots.

engagement photo ideas, practicing first dance in parkPhotography by, Brian Powers

Practicing your first dance in the park with a beautiful backlit background

Don’t Make Your Photographer Do All the Creative

To make your engagement photo session perfect, keep in mind that you can’t expect the photographer to do all the work. Remember they may not even really know you, so  you can’t expect them to come up with all your engagement photo ideas. You’ll want your photos to reflect your personality not theirs, so you need to offer input, otherwise you will have the same old “vanilla” flavored engagement images. This means it is up to you to do a little homework, to figure out some props, and input on how to show off your personality in the images.

unique engagement ideas
A favorite movie may inspire you.

Photography via neatologie.com

While photographers can provide the perfect angles, focus, poses, and shots, they need for you to be creative and come up with ideas that reflect the fun, or romantic couple you are. Pinterest is a perfect place to gain some inspiration for engagement photo ideas, but try not to copy as photographers are creative types, and copying someone else’s work, does not really sit well with them. Follow our Pinterest Board  for engagement photo ideas and inspiration.

Location Matters

Location, location, location is what they always say when it come to buying real estate, but it holds true with engagement photos too! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to your location.

Photo by Wayan Parmana on Unsplash

Thankfully, engagement sessions aren’t confined to the studio anymore. The world is out there waiting for your creative engagement photo ideas, so put your thinking cap on. You may want to do the pictures in front of the theater where you went on your first date. Maybe the park where he proposed. Even if you don’t have a sentimental location in mind, be creative as you can. Almost anywhere can provide a unique setting for your pictures. Spend enough time with your photographer to travel to a few places to get some variety and mix things up a bit.

Some of Our Favorite Engagement Photo Ideas

  • A quite moment together with a beautiful backdrop

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The city – there are plenty of downtown or industrial areas that work well for engagement sessions.

Engagement photo ideas, industrial city backdrop, engagement photos Chicago
Industrial city backdrop

Photography by Josh Ohms

  • A coffee shop – this plays on the “date style” session as well and can be so warm and cozy.

engagement photo idea, coffee shop engagement photo shoot
Coffee shop love

Photography by Kristen Holly

  • The beach – if you want something romantic, then the sand, sun, and surf can be ideal.

Romantic beach engagement photo shoot

  • The park, mountains, or farm – anything outdoors will feel rustic and romantic.

engagement photo ideas, gone fishing
Gone fishing engagement photos

Photography by Jason & Gina
  • The laundromat – pictures of you folding clothes together or kissing on the washing machine are cute and fun.

Couple in love taking engagement photos in laundrymat
Laundromat engagement photo shoot

Photography by Kate Elizabeth

Props Can Add Interest

Be sure to bring props along with you. Anything that is special to the two of you or shows your personality can be incorporated in pictures. If you have a beloved pet, ask the photographer if your four legged friend can be included in some of the shots too!

engagement photo pose with pet
Pets make great engagement photo props

Photography by The Camera Chick

Some other creative ideas are:

  • A scrabble tray with the words “love” or “forever” spelled out in tiles.
  • Dog tags – the military kind, not your furry friends.
  • A ring box to recreate a proposal moment.
  • A photo booth strip of pictures of the two of you.
  • A prop that relates to you as a couple or the theme of your wedding,
  • Think about the things you like to do together as a couple, and incorporate little props to reflect that.

Make a Keepsake of Your Engagement Images

We hope these engagement photo ideas have inspired you to be as creative as you can without losing site of who you are as a couple. Putting your personality in the engagement session is that one special element that helps melt your heart when you look at your photos in the years to come.

wedding guest book, DIY guest book, lay flat guest book

A great way to share your engagement photos is to make a wedding guest book! It’s a great way to show off your engagement photos and your family and friends can leave inspiring little notes to you. This is be a guest book you will actually look at in years to come, unlike the guest book with a feather pen that your parents most likely had! Please see our other post, Fun Engagement Picture Ideas for some really creative DIY projects you can do with your engagement photos.

If you need help finding an engagement photographer, post a free bid request on the My Bridal Pix Photography Job Board. It’s a great way to find photographers in your area to fit your budget. Hiring a professional photographer for your engagement photos is a great way to get to know a photographer before you hire them for your wedding. Share  your creative engagement ideas below. We would love to hear your plans!


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