Bridal Boudoir Book The Best Grooms Gift Ever!

Free boudoir book templates.

So what do you think your husband-to-be would love more for a wedding gift? A watch, cufflinks, barware or maybe something golf related…B-o-o-ring! We have the best grooms gift ever, and it may be something you never ever considered, or maybe you secretly did think about it.

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Why Not Surprise Your Groom With a Bridal Boudoir Book!

Why not consider doing a bridal boudoir photo shoot and create a steamy little Boudoir Book for your husband to be.  You can surprise him the night before your wedding or right before you walk down the aisle. The smile on his face will be priceless! It’s simply the best grooms gift you will ever find.  My Bridal Pix makes it easy to create your own boudoir book with  free boudoir book templates and book making software. For tips on how to make a gorgeous book you may be interested in reading boudoir book tutorial.

Boudoir photography is one of the hottest trends in grooms gifts, and there is good reason. A boudoir photo book will surprise, and thrill him more than you can ever imagine. You might also be surprised at how much fun you will have doing it!

What Exactly is Bridal Boudoir Photography?

Bridal boudoir photography is a very special, intimate pre-wedding photo shoot where you get the opportunity to become that lingerie model you always dreamed about. It can be as innocent or as sultry as you would like it to be. Sexy comes in all shapes, sizes and ages so let loose, have some fun and your husband will LOVE it!  Boudoir photography has a way of bringing out confidence you didn’t even know you had.  A professional boudoir photographer will know exactly what to do to put your nerves at ease. Some champagne doesn’t hurt either!

At the photo shoot you get to pose in your sexiest, spiciest outfits, (or lack thereof). Plan on at least 2 to 3 outfit changes. Keep in mind to make a boudoir book you have the option to hire a professional photographer, take the pics yourself or have a good friend help you out.  Of course a professional boudoir photographer will know exactly how to pose your body and give you the full on boudoir experience and the best photography results. If you are looking to save some money on your bridal boudoir shoot, don’t scrimp on the pro boudoir photographer, instead make your own boudoir book for huge cost savings. My Bridal Pix has free design software and they also offer custom boudoir album design services.

Bridal Boudoir Photography – Is it Right For You?

So is risqué right for you? That depends on your comfort level with being the center of attention in front of the lens. Most brides-to-be say that they are nervous at first, but surprisingly, it turns out to be one of the most empowering and exhilarating experiences in their lives.

When you finally decide to do the boudoir photography shoot, it’s important to choose a photographer you can trust. Make sure they specialize in boudoir or have experience in boudoir photography. These photographers will know all the tips and tricks to help you have fun, and feel relaxed, and look your best. Some boudoir photographers will even host marathon boudoir shoots in major metro areas, where the hotel room, outfits, props, make-up and hair are all part of the deal. Wow…talk about feeling indulged! To keep your nerves in check, invite your girlfriends to come along and maybe turn it into a pre bachelorette party!

Bridal boudoir book for grooms gift

View This Book Layout On Vimeo

What You Need From Your Photographer To Make Your Book

Make sure you ask your photographer for hi-resolution files (300DPI) sized to at least the size book you want or larger. So if you want a 10×10 book, your images need to be at least 10″ high and if you want panoramic spreads going across 2 lay flat pages, you need a landscape image sized to 10×20 or larger. The My Bridal Pix software automatically warns you if your images are not larger enough. This way you can rest easy knowing your images will print with full pixelation quality.  Images should also be saved as sRGB color space if adjusted in Photoshop. This will offer you the best print quality.

Keep Your Images Classy

Boudoir photography, if done right, should come across very sexy and classy, and fun. Take time to think about all the things your hub likes…a favorite jersey, hobby or his favorite flavor of ice cream and have fun incorporating these things into your photo shoot. This adds a special touch and will be sure to make him grin. Your photographer can suggest the right poses, lighting and looks that will leave you feeling like a super model. Follow the My Bridal Pix boudoir photography Pinterest board for inspiration and to see some of our sample boudoir books. You can also visit our Vimeo Channel for more sample layouts like the one below. 

DIY Bridal Boudoir Photography

If your wedding expenses have your budget totally depleted or you are just too shy to go to a pro photographer to make your boudoir book, you can always consider taking the photos yourself or having a BFF help you out. Pro photography will always be the best choice but if it’s not an option consider these tips from Robyn’s blog at Everyday…a laMode on DIY Boudoir Photography.

8.5 x 11 Layflat Album Black Eco-Leather Cover With 14pt Serif All Caps With Foil Stamp in Gold.

DIY Boudoir Books

Once your images are ready, head on over to My Bridal Pix for free book editing software that is super easy to use. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to one of our designers at support@mybridalpix.com or follow along the video tutorial page for tips and tricks. All you have to do is upload your photos, drag and drop your images into the pre designed templates and presto, with a little adjusting you have a professional looking book layout in minutes. Turnaround time for book is typically 5-7 business days depending on the time of the year. During holiday’s please allow up to 10 business days.  Be sure to check out our Boudoir Photo Book Tutorial for advice and tips on how to make a gorgeous boudoir book. If you need assistance or prefer one of our female album designers to layout your book for you, just contact us at design@mybridalpix.com. We design boudoir, and wedding books for professional photographers, as well as brides to be 🙂

What If I Only Have 10 Images?

This is a question we get a lot. With 10 images you are a little limited but it can be done. It’s best to work with around 25-30 images but a layout can still be done with 10. We put together a video tutorial HERE to show you how.

Which Book Style is Best?

We suggest using our Lay Flat Albums   or our top of the line Flush Mount Album for boudoir books. The lay flat panoramic spreads are gorgeous for those 2 page spreads. Both of these book styles offer deep gutters or cuts down the middle of your centerfold spreads so your image just floats across two pages with real WOW factor! My Bridal Pix uses only the finest material and photographic papers.  Sure you can print a simple photo book online for under $30.00 but you will get what you pay for and you will most likely be disappointed with a cheap photo book. Boudoir books make more of a gift when your images are presented in a quality book. After all you went through to take the photos, why not have them printed in a professional quality book.  For this reason we strongly recommend the Lay flat Album  or thick Flush Mount pages for Boudoir Books. The difference between the books is page thickness. Flush Mounts have very ridged thick pages, and Layflats have thick pages but not quite as thick as the Flush Mount.

The point is – no matter what your budget, shape, size or looks, you can bring out your sexy side and show your groom-to-be what an incredibly lucky man he is! The fun part is seeing the astonishment on his face when he opens your special boudoir album and sees you draped over a bed, smoldering and sensual, in your skimpiest lingerie, g-string, shorts, bikini, even topless if you dare. He will be blown away, guaranteed!

Record His Reaction

Boudoir books make the best grooms gift.

Photo by: Jonathan Fanning

On your wedding day, when you give him your boudoir book, make sure you have the photographer take a photo or video of his reaction and send it to us! We love to see how unsuspecting grooms react…it makes us laugh and smile every time! In fact, your boudoir photography book might just turn out to be the biggest hit of your entire wedding. It certainly has been for countless other grooms! If you’re interested in making your own boudoir book, please visit our Boudoir Book detail page for info to get started.

Tell us what you think. Are you going to make a boudoir book for your groom? Maybe you already have…if so, we would love to hear from you!


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  1. Thank you for the mention of my post! Your post is great! I did my DIY shoot two years ago and it is still my husband’s favorite gift! I chose to of my own shoot because I loved the challenge as a photographer! I have been thinking about doing a shoot again. I’m not sure if it will be professionally or another DIY, since DIY is VERY time consuming to do it right.
    Either way, I loved how the shoot made me feel, so sexy and free, and I LOVED seeing my husband’s reaction! 😉 Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome! I really do think that women get just as much out of it as the guy does receiving the book! LOL…thanks again for letting us share your post!

  2. I was wondering if there are certain types of photos you WON’T print. Not that I’m planning on bearing it ALL, but you know how certain companies won’t print the photos if there is nudity, just wondering if there are limits. Thanks

    1. Hi good question…thanks for bringing it up! We will not print anything disturbing to look at or pornographic in nature. Boudoir books are meant to be sexy but kept classy. Some nudity is fine but anything too vulgar will NOT be printed. Hope that answers your question 🙂

  3. I am wondering if it is possible to create a book with not as many pictures. Most photographers don’t give you that many pictures.

    1. Great question! Our books have a minimum of 10 spreads(20 pages) as most books require. When working with just a few images, the trick is to get creative with the images and use text to fill up space. Here are some options to consider. One image per spread can be used or images on 1/2 of the spread with a nice message on the facing page. The software also allows you to apply filters so you can take a color image and turn it to black and white to give the image a whole new look and then you can place that filtered image somewhere else in the book. You can also take an image and crop it differently, for instance, you may have an image where you can zoom in on your ring or a part of your body that you want to accent. It will give the original image a whole new look. The software allows you to easily adjust the layouts and delete photo placeholders that you do not need. You can then fill that space with a quote or poem. Another option is to add a pic of you and your significant other somewhere in the book. You can also delete the photo placeholders on the first spread and use this page as a title page with a nice intro or message to your loved one. Hope those ideas help inspire you. If you need assistance laying out your book, our “all female” book designers can work with you one on one to create the perfect look. See Custom Album Design

  4. How do we get the cover to just have words? Like “for your eyes only” or something…I only see the options on My Bridal Pix for covers with photos on them…

    1. Hi Ivana,
      Thanks for your interest in wanting to make a boudoir book with us! We are more than happy to assist you through the process. You have the choice to layout your own pro-quality album with our easy to use software using our free designer templates or you can choose to hire one of our designers to layout the book for you. If you’re looking for a boudoir photographer in your area, be sure to search our Network of Photographeres. If you have additional questions, please email design@mybridalpix.com.

  5. Hi,
    I wanted to find out if you could do 10 spreads and an extra 10 1/2 side by side spreads? I wanted something more, more pictures than just 10 spreads. And could the first page contain something like a “foreword”, just a sentence or two? The bill wont be an issue.

    1. Hi Lee,
      Yes, you can add more pages to you book layout. The software lays out 10 spreads for your but you can add more pages/ spreads if you like, Just be sure to add spreads after the first spread and before the last spread. It’s always best to design the first and last spreads first then add the pages in-between as needed. You can configure the spread layouts any way you would like and you can add text to the first spread by clicking on the text tab on the first spread to add whatever message you would like! Hope this helps…if not, please message us at desing@mybridalpix.com and we would be happy to help.

    1. Hi Gracie,
      For Boudoir Books we recommend our standard Layflat album or our Flush Mount album. Pricing will vary based on the style, size, cover and number of pages. To give you an idea, a 8×8 Layflat album with Fuji Photo Paper with a Eco-Leather cover and 10 spreads (20 pages), you are looking at spending $80.00 plus shipping. A 8×8 Flush Mount album will be $130.00 plus shipping. If you are looking for a less expensive book there is always the classic photo book or softcover books but for the best look we really recommend the Layflat and Flush Mount Alums as the panoramic spreads and paper thickness make for a excellent quality boudoir book.

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