Lay Flat Albums

Lay Flat Albums

Lay Flat Albums are the perfect choice for wedding albums, wedding guest books, boudoir books and parent albums. A great choice for those wanting something more substantial than a typical  photo book.  The page thickness and panoramic 2 page spreads will simply WOW you!

Paper options for our standard lay flat album include: Mohawk, Superfine in a soft matte/ eggshell finish or industry leading Fuji Crystal Archival Professional photo paper in a lustre finish.

IMPORTANT: While both options offer you outstanding print quality, and excellent archival qualities we do not recommend the matte paper if any of your images are darkThis is typically seen in dim lit boudoir images or indoor wedding  images. If your images are natural light or brightly lit, then it is not a problem. Photo paper captures more details and reflects light into your images better than matte paper so keep this in mind when choosing your paper. 

Our lay flat photo books are fuzed back to back, giving you strong sturdy pages You can also upgrade your page thickness to the Flush Mount /double thick page, where prints are mounted to a hard substate, offering you a more ridged, non-bending thicker page.

Don’t settle for a flimsy photo book when quality matters. You need a book that will stand the test of time.  All of our books are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen and come with a 100% Lifetime of Use Guarantee!

They are simply the best DIY wedding albums and photo books you will find!

Starting at $50.00

Lay Flat Albums Details:

  • Choice of 3 formats: square, landscape, portrait
  • Thicker pages than a traditional photo book
  • Gorgeous lay-flat panoramic spreads
  • Mico-fold – no cuts, gutters or hinges down the middle of your spreads
  • Black textured end sheets
  • Cover options include: Photo Wrap, Eco- leather, or upgrade to premium Italian leather
  • Minimum 20 pages/10 spreads – Maximum is 80 pages/40 spreads
  • Quick turn around time – ready to ship in 4-7 business days and during holiday season (Oct- Dec) please allow 5-10 business days)
  • Made in the USA!
  • Comes with a Lifetime of Use Guarantee!
Real Photo Paper Makes Your Images POP!

We use only the finest quality quality papers for our lay flat albums. Choose from 2 options:

  1. Mohawk Superfine Paper (eggshell finish) is noted as one of the finest press printed digital papers on the market today. It’s soft matte look is the ultimate paper for high-end, elegant books. No other digital paper has the same reputation for quality, consistency and uniformity. Just the feel of it inspires great design, and adds a level of prestige to any project you create. Perfect for guest books requiring signatures as the paper easily accepts inks. We do not recommend the matte finish paper if your images are dark, have a lot of shadows or black and white. Matte paper does not reflect light onto the pages so images can appear darker when printed.
  2. Fuji-color Crystal Archive Professional Photo Paper (lustre finish) is hands down the best choice for those looking for top of the line print quality. This paper is actual photographic paper that is processed with silver halide chemistry, much like a photograph. It’s a favorite of demanding professional photographers because of the fine detail and tonal ranges it offers. Blacks are blacker, whites are whither, images are shaper and colors really pop. The lustre finish also gives your album pages a beautiful soft sheen finish that protects against fingerprints. A favorite choice for wedding albums and boudoir books.

Premium Italian Leather Covers (upgrade)

Leather flush mount albums

Our premium Italian leather covers are an upgraded option. They are made from actual hides and have such a buttery soft texture…we promise you’ll want to hug it! Choose from 5 fabulous colors!

Choose from 5 premium Italian leather covers

Eco- Leather Covers

Faux leather wedding album coverEco-Leather covers are a standard cover option. They are animal friendly and have the touch & feel of real leather. Their smooth uniform surface makes them an excellent choice for embossing. Foil embossing is an option at checkout. 9 faux-leather color choices.

Choose from 9 different eco-leather album covers - standard

Photo Wrap Covers

Photo cover on a layflat album- guest book for wedding reception.

Customize your book cover with your image or any art element. The Photo Wrap cover is a standard cover option and comes with the choice glossy or a beautiful soft matte finish.

Standard Layflat Album with Mohawk Superfine Eggshell "writable" Matte Paper

Size Standard Italian Leather Upgrade Additional Spreads (2 pages)
6×6 $50.00 + $60.00 + $3.00 ea.
8×8 $70.00 + $60.00 + $3.00 ea.
10×10 $80.00 + $80.00 + $5.00 ea.
12×12 $99.00 +$100.00 +$6.00 ea.
8.5×11 $80.00 +$80.00 +$5.00 ea.
11×8.5 $80.00 +$80.00 +$5.00 ea.

Layflat Album Printed on Fuji Crystal Pro Paper

Size Standard Italian Leather Upgrade Additional Spreads (2 pages)
6×6 $55.00 + $60.00 + $3.00 ea.
8×8 $80.00 + $60.00 + $3.00 ea.
10×10 $99.00 + $80.00 + $5.00 ea.
12×12 $125.00 + $100.00 + $6.00 ea.
8.5×11 $99.00 +$80.00 +$5.00 ea.
11×8.5 $99.00 +$80.00 +$5.00 ea.

Flush Mount "Double Thick" Fuji Crystal Pro Paper

Size  Standard Italian Leather Upgrade Additional Spreads (2 pages)
6×6 $110.00 + $60.00 + $6.00 ea.
8×8 $130.00 + $60.00 + $7.00 ea.
10×10 $195.00 + $80.00 + $9.00 ea.
12×12 $259.00 + $100.00 + $13.00 ea.
8.5×11 $195.00 +$80.00 +$9.00 ea.
11×8.5 $195.00 +$80.00 +$9.00 ea.

Design Your Album Like a Pro in Minutes…or Let Us Design It For You!

Option 1 – Design Your Album Using our Free Software and Templates

Choose the designer templates in our book making tool when you are looking for quick pre-designed album layouts. Simply auto fill your book to have a layout in seconds or customize your book layout by drag and droping your images into ready-made templates for a professional looking results in minutes. You can also choose to build your own layouts, and easily change layouts in the software. Please see our FAQ page for tutorials. 

Option 2 – Custom Album Design

Need help designing your album? No worries, we’re here to help! We offer custom wedding album, boudoir book and guest book design services to brides and photographers. You can read more about custom album design here or you can access our custom album design form to submit your request and begin working directly with one of our professional design consultants.

Just Incase You Were Wondering…

What is the difference between Lay flat Albums and Flush Mount Albums?

Our layflat albums are beautifully bound, with panoramic lay flat pages…this means, no unsightly gutter, hinges or cuts down the middle of your images! The difference between the standard Lay flat Album and the Flush Mount Album is the page thickness. The  Flush Mount spread is mounted to a hard substate for double page thickness. The standard Lay flat Album is mounted back to back giving you a thicker page than a typically photo book but not as thick as the Flush Mount.

How Many Pages Can I Have in My Book?

Lay Flat/ Flush Mount Album have a minimum of 10 spreads /20 pages and a maximum of 80 pages/40 spreads.  Soft cover books and Hard cover books have a minimum of 20 pages with a max. of 150 pages.

Difference Between Italian Leather & Eco-Leather?

Our animal friendly, eco-leather is a standard cover option which has the look and feel of real leather but is a man made material. It comes in 9 beautiful colors. It also has a clean, consistent look and makes an excellent substrate to emboss.

Our premium Italian leather is handcrafted from real hides. It’s buttery feel will make you want to hug it! It’s truly magnificent and adds a certain richness to your book. Choose from 5 fabulous colors!

Do You Offer Custom Design Services?

YES! We’re here to help you every step of the way! We provide custom design services or we can answer any questions you may have when making your book. Whatever your dilemma, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to have one of our design consultants answer your questions. For design assistance email us at

Can I PREVIEW My Book Before I Buy it?

Yes! Our easy to use software will allow you to see your layout in great detail before you purchase it. Please note that our software does not show the foil embossing option on the front cover of your book. This option is added manually and does not show up in the PREVIEW at this time but will be noted on your order.

Can I Make a Change to My Order?

Due to our highly automated book printing process, it is impossible for us to make change requests to your order after it has been placed. Please be sure to use the PREVIEW tool in the software to review your book before you order is placed as this will show you exactly how your book will print. It also helps to have another set of eyes look over your book before you purchase. We are happy to review your layout before you purchase your book. Please email us @ 

Are the Images I Upload Private ?

ABSOLUTELY!  We do not sell, license or share the photographs that you submit for purposes of creating an album in our book making software. Once you submit your order you are free to delete your images from the software. Many of the images you see on our website are stock photography or credited photographers. More information about this can be found in our privacy policy.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Books are typically turned around in 5-7 days business days from when we receive your order. During the holiday rush season (Nov and Dec and ) you may need to allow for 5-10 business day turnaround.

Can You RUSH My Order?

We make every attempt to accommodate requests for RUSH orders but we cannot guarantee them. It really depends upon how busy our print facility is at the time of your request. We do not charge additional fees for RUSH requests. Please email us with your order number at with any special requests and please note requests in the comments section when you place your order.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes! We can ship books worldwide. We offer various shipping methods, some of which will clear customers sooner than others. Please plan accordingly. We are not responsible for any additional tariffs, taxes or duties that your county may charge at the border.

Do You Offer Coupons?

Yes, to be the first to know about special promotions, coupons and giveaways, sign up to our NEWSLETTER for follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Be "Guaranteed" To Fall In Love All Over Again!

Our professional grade books are made in the USA by skilled book binders using only the finest book making materials. We promise your book will be free of of any manufacture defects or we will replace it for free!

Previously only available to professional photographers we’re proud to offer them direct to you!

Make your book today…we promise you’ll love it!

life time guarantee
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Yes! I'm Ready To Create My Book!

Our Customizable Templates Make it Simple & Fun!

All of our photo book templates and clip-art are geared towards the wedding industry so have fun working with the most creative & up to date looking layouts for guest books, boudoir books and wedding album templates on the web! These simple drag and drop templates are FREE and customizable to your needs. No need to know Photoshop!

Album design software

I'd Like a PRO to Help Me!

Request a Call Back From a Design Consultant

Sometimes it just helps to chat! Let one of our design consultants help you decide the best options for designing your book. From complete custom design services to simple guidance on using the software, we’re here to help! We even offer a FREE album review service before you buyto make sure your album is absolutely perfect!

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