6 Unique Wedding Ring Holders to Show off Your Ring Bling

Traditional ring pillows and boxes are all fine and dandy, but why not show off your ring in something more creative? These 7 unique wedding ring holders are sure to inspire you. It is your wedding after all so why not come up with something creative. It’s not only makes the presentation of the rings feel more special, it also makes for a great photo opportunity to add to your wedding album!

With so many different styles to choose from, it might be difficult to find and pick just one, so we’ve done the work for you and found 7 unique wedding day ring holders to help you show off your bling in beautiful style. Think about your wedding theme and colors to help you choose one that’s perfect for you.

Unique Wedding Ring Holders to Show off Your Ring Bling

1. Geometric Glassware

by Waen

Not only do geometric designs lend a modern look to weddings, they’re super elegant and flexible enough to work with any theme. Geometric glassware makes a perfect unique ring box, as the clear panels give guests a good look at the ring bling inside. Feel free to fill the box with something like moss or crystals to complete the look.

2. Geodes

by Charlie Girl Gems

Geodes are natural, mystical, and oh-so pretty. Just crack one open to reveal the beauty inside. Your ring will look stunning tucked within one of these unique stones.

For any couple planning a vintage or romantic-themed wedding, a lace hoop adorned with roses is a beautiful way to display the rings. And of course the hoop doesn’t have to be embellished with roses, but can be stitched with just about any design, from hearts to love birds.

3. All Natural

via Weddingomania

An all natural ring pillow made from moss and succulents would be perfect for the bride and groom planning an eco-friendly or woodland wedding. It even has a bit of a bohemian elegance to it. Use this ring pillow mix in the summer or trade out the succulents for something like berries for a fall/winter wedding.

4. Printed Pillow

via Madeline’s Weddings

If it’s a true ring pillow that you want to display your ring on, consider one printed with a definition, quote, or some other symbolic detail to represent your love. After the wedding, you can display your lovely pillow at home.

5. Book Box

by My House of Dreams

Book lovers will l-o-v-e a box disguised as a book. Just slide out the spine to reveal the rings. The front can be designed to showcase your fingerprints, initials, wedding date, quote, or whatever feels special to you.

6. Lock and Key

by Lace and Twig

For a truly unique wedding day ring holder, consider an actual lock and key. The rings will be secured until they make it down the aisle. From there, the ring bearer can unlock the rings with the special keys.


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