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No more countless emails or tons of phone calls to find a photographer within your budget. Tell your story once and let the photographers find you! Find an affordable wedding photographer today! It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 and it’s absolutely free!

Post A Job

It’s FREE! Answer a few questions about your needs, details and budget. It’s easy and only takes a few seconds.

Receive Custom Quotes

Interested photographers respond to you via a secure message board. We never share your email until you are ready.

Compare Pros

Compare quotes and hire when you are ready…no obligation and it’s completely free to post!

Browse through our network

While posting a job is the easiest way to find an affordable wedding photographer you may prefer to search our Network of Photographers. All photographer profiles are vetted by our staff before they are allowed access to the Photographer Network. We have professional wedding photographers, destination photographers, boudoir photographers, videographers and even honeymoon photographers! Each photographer has a profile page with links to their website, social media accounts and a gallery for you to preview their work and style. You can contact them directly through their website or from the contact form right on their profile page. You can also register an account to use our secure message board and keep your identity private until you are ready to release your contact details. Best part is that it’s absolutely free!

Are you a photographer?

Apply for a free membership! All profiles are reviewed by our staff before you are granted access to the network. We seek photographers nationwide with varying skill level, but you must able to show experience relative to engagement shoots, weddings, boudoir photography or wedding videography to be accepted into the network.

I found the perfect photographer for my budget on the My Bridal Pix Photographer Network. I was having a small wedding so I didn’t need a photographer all day so this was the perfect solution. I posted my photography job and within minutes I had photographer quotes in my inbox. It was a huge time saver!-Kelsey Pitt, USA


Does it Cost Anything to Post a Job?

No it’s FREE to post a job to our photography job board.

Do I Have to Upload an Image to My Job Posting?

We recommend it, but if you choose not to, that’s OK with us. Photographers are more excited to bid when they have images and information to work with. If you do not feel comfortable uploading “your” image, you can always upload an image of your venue to give the photographer a glimpse of what to expect. Jobs posted with little info and no picture receive the least amount of bids.

Do You Share My Contact Info With Photographers?

No we do not share your contact information with photographers. We only allow them to bid on your posted photography job through our secure message board, but if you choose to start communication with them via their email link, it’s up to you. Your privacy is secure with us!

What Happen When I No Longer What To Receive Bid Notifications?

You can manage your job posting in the My Account Tab in the account dashboard. Once the job is deleted or closed you will no longer receive photographer bids.

Does My Bridal Pix Guarantee the Work of the Photographers?

My Bridal Pix does pre screen photographers website and social media pages before we allow them to join our network, but it is still up to you to do your homework and research your photographer before you hire them. My Bridal Pix does not make any recommendations or match you with a photographer. We simply offer you a selection of photographers for you to quality.

How Do I Place A Bid on a Job?

For photographers to bid on posted jobs and to receive notifications of incoming jobs, you will need apply to our photographer network. Please allow 24-48 hours for your profile to be reviewed. Your images, website and social media pages will be reviewed to see if you are a good fit for our customers. You will receive a welcome message and access to bid along with a free listing in the Photographer Directory if accepted.

What Does it Cost to Bid on Jobs?

Currently there are no fees to place bids on jobs. Down the road this may change but for now you are fee to use the job board and directory for free. Photographers that support the site by purchasing books and photo products from My Bridal Pix help to keep this service free! So thank your fellow photographers who support our products and services!

Do Photographers Need to Upload Head-Shot?

Yes, we require all member photographers to post an image of themselves on their profile. A square orientation image works best. You can post a logo but it is not as social. Profiles with REAL head-shots get the best results. It’s the best way to make your first introduction when someone is reading about your photography business. When you put a face to your business, you will be more trusted online.

Are the Bids I Post on Jobs Private?

Yes, only the person who has posted the bid request will receive your bid. No other photographers or visitors to the site will have access to the bids or bid amounts. Here is an example of what will appear on the clients account page as they receive bids.

How Do I Edit or Delete My Profile?

Login to your photographer account and then refer to the MY ACCOUNT tab. Once inside your dashboard there is a blue EDIT PROFILE tab to your right in the My Account Menu.
Pay particular attention to your intro paragraph as this can be SEO optimized if you say what kind of photographer you are and the areas that you service it will be optimized for search.
To delete your profile, simply click on the DELETE PROFILE tab on the right side of your Dashboard. If you have any difficulty, just email support@mybridalpix.com to delete or to assist with your profile.

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