What style book offers the best quality?

Even with all the advances in digital printing, the silver halide photo print process is still the “gold standard” for printing albums. Nothing reproduces an image as well as, the silver halide process. This is why My Bridal Pix offers Fuji Crystal Archival professional photo paper as a choice on our Lay-flat & Flush Mount Albums.

The basic difference between a press printed photo book printed and a book printed via a silver halide process is that the press printed book is printed with a series of dots sprayed onto a page to make up your image, where the higher quality silver halide photo paper is developed like a photograph. While the press printed photo book can offer a good quality product that is reasonably priced,  the print quality, even with varnishes and fade resistant coatings, cannot be matched to the richness of color, brightness, sharpness and archival qualities of a silver halide photo album. Silver halide will offer you whiter whites, darker blacks and more natural skin tones. So before you buy, know your paper quality as it REALLY does make a difference.

Real Photo Paper Makes Your Images POP!We also offer 3 over options for the Layflat and Flush Mount albums. Photo Wrap, Eco-leather and Premium Italian Leather (upgrade). Our premium leather offers a top of the line finish to your album.




We continually strive to offer you the best in class while giving you options to fit your budget and needs.

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