Tips For Wedding Photography – What Couples Need to Know

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 Wedding Photography Tips for Engaged Couples

If you are like most engaged couples, this is probably the first time you have ever hired a professional photographer. It’s a huge investment and frankly a little scary for most couples. My Bridal Pix wants to help you make the right choices so we have put together this fantastic eBook filled with all the advice you will ever need to make smart choices with your wedding photography budget.

There are so many photographer choices, experience levels, styles, packages, options and the worst part is that you are buying a dream…an intangible that you cannot even get to see until after the wedding day! Our wedding photography tips for brides will help guide you to make smart choices and avoid costly mistakes.

In the eBook we give you tips on posing, make-up, and more to help you look gorgeous in your wedding photos. Did you know that wearing a foundation with SPF can actually make you look washed out and white in your photos? Let’s face it, no one wants to look like Casper The Friendly Ghost in their wedding photos! 

Doing your research and finding a wedding photographer that best fits your style and needs will be the best investment you will make in your wedding day but who has time to do all this research?  No worries, My Bridal Pix is has got you covered! Our FREE ebook, Secrets to Amazing Wedding Photography is filled with wedding photography tips and everything you need to know to make informed, and smart decisions before you hire a wedding photographer. It’s a must have for engaged couples, so grab a free copy when you subscribe to our newsletter HERE!


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